All Planets Direct and The US Pluto Return — The Pleiadians, Yeshua, & Ursula

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Nora Herold, The Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, & Ursula
Excerpt from the All Planets Direct Transmission
February 17, 2022

Part One:
All planets direct. Let’s just talk about this particular piece of it. So what does this mean? It means that the potential for things to move quickly is high because there’s nothing retrograde that automatically causes you to go within or slow down or trips you up even. That’s often how you perceive a retrograde, that you get tripped up, but the tripping up usually happens simply because you were moving too quickly during a period of time where the energy does not support that.

So the energy right now supports action, acceleration, evolution, advancement, which also means whenever you can consciously slow yourself down and operate from an aligned, clear, centered space, you will find then that what you’re creating will be more reflective of what it is you’re truly desiring. Now, if because things are moving so quickly you start to get yourself involved in something that isn’t what you really wanted, you can also very quickly maneuver your way out of it. This is also the beauty of the quickness of this period of time and the energy supporting this kind of flow. What’s going to happen for you is you’re going to have to empower yourself to do this. You’re going to have to realize if you’ve gotten yourself involved in a creation or a conversation or a conflict, or whatever it is you’ve gotten yourself involved in, that you can also un-involve yourself in it by doing what is necessary in that moment, whatever repair that is needed, whatever amends are needed, whatever re-evaluation is needed, perhaps a timeout is needed.

This is a fantastic period of time to consciously call for timeouts. If you are finding the energy is moving too quickly in a direction and you’re not quite sure yet of your desired outcome or intention, call for a timeout. Take a breath, center yourself. Do something that brings you joy in the moment, then go back to the matter at hand in a more deliberate way.

This is also a window of time, a period of time, where you are going to find yourself beginning to take action on things that you have had on the back burner for some time, both out of necessity due to the pandemic and also simply due to your own personal evolution, personal experience, or perhaps the energy was not fully supporting taking bigger action. So the energy is supporting that now and as you come into the Spring Equinox, there on March 20th /21st, depending on where you are on the planet, yes, for some of you it will be Autumnal Equinox, it doesn’t matter though, the energy is the same, this energy, this window, this gateway will support these actions even more.

So between now and then, in about a month, you can continue to do your magic, do your spell work, build on your desires and your ideas for what you want personally, and then you’re going to feel potentially even more of a green light, more of a go, kind of energy as you head into mid-march. Now if that green light is happening for you right now, fantastic, and yet again, if a timeout is needed, call it for yourself. Do not wait for someone else to give you a timeout, because the planets are not going to support that right now. You don’t have that help of planets being in retrograde, that will collaborate with you consciously and with your unconscious mind or your subconscious that enable a timeout. You’re going to have to be conscious about your timeouts, just as — celebrate as the energy is flowing when it is flowing in a direction that feels joyful and happy and healthy and balanced and prosperous for you.

Celebrate that, flow with that, and also watch your reactions at times when that feeling of not being good enough or your issues around receiving get activated, where you want to throw a wrench in the process, where you want you to bog it down simply because you are not feeling deserving of. That’s very different from needing to call a timeout. So notice this in yourself as well when it is, you need to call a timeout, and when it is you’re manufacturing a timeout as a result of not feeling deserving, not feeling good enough. So these are just things to pay attention to here as you’re navigating your way through the next couple of months.

Part Two:
We’re going to talk a bit here now about the Pluto return in the United States and how this astrological event is a worldwide event. It’s not at all just about the United States. So Pluto returns once every two hundred and forty-something years or so. So as individual people you will never, at least not now because you’re not living that long, you will not experience a Pluto return. This means Pluto will never return individually for each of you, to where it was when you were born.

What is happening this month in the United States is that Pluto is returning to where it was when the United States itself was created as an entity. So see the United States, the country, as an entity, a collective consciousness. So as Pluto, the great transformer returns, the United States and all beings connected to the United States have the opportunity now to redefine who and what they are, both as individuals, as citizens, and then also as a nation, as a collective entity, which then, of course, impacts the entirety of the global identity, because the US has been an epicenter for so long in your reality. It has been a focal point and garners more attention and more energy than many of the other countries on your world. That’s just the way it has been. Like major cities do the same thing, either in the US or in other countries, the U.S. does this as a country on your world, and for a while, it seemed to be setting the template or a template for an experience on planet earth and a blueprint.

Now one of the things that may happen as a result of the Pluto return happening in the U.S. is that the emphasis or the epicenter energy that the US has carried is going to wane a bit and that energy is going to redistribute itself all across the globe. Meaning the template for existence will become global, worldwide, no longer held by this one particular group of people, this one particular country that for a period of time for many people, especially white European people was the destination. This is changing. This is shifting.

So, because this is also happening while all planets are direct, without any retrogrades to kind of slow things down and cause reflection, we’re going to emphasize again the need for each of you individually to give yourself these timeout moments, these reflective moments to be as less reactive and as least reactive as you possibly can be as events begin to unfold.

We don’t know exactly what is going to happen. There are a lot of potentials right now when it comes to internal events within the U.S. itself and then external events between other countries and then how the U.S. may or may not become involved in the events. There are so many potentials, and we know that some of this is worrying for you all because there are a number of ways this could go. The shadowy path, the one where the shadows are not addressed, so the shadows take over, that looks like a scary path to a lot of you which is why your personal shadow work with Pluto becomes even more important, your willingness to claim and own and engage with and identify and love the versions of you that sit in the shadows, love completely and unconditionally, so your shadowy aspects do not take over.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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