An Aquarius Stellium and The Collective Experience — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the February 3, 2021 Transmission

So let’s talk about this period of time with the Mercury retrograde, and the Aquarius Stellium, and Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus squaring one another in just a couple of weeks (on February 17th). So the moment at hand as you are embracing now, the reality of The Age of Aquarius, as you are integrating this new age into your bodies, into collective humanity, collective consciousness onto your world, what is really needed first, is for every single one of you to take a look at where it is you’re still playing the old game, the game that was largely centered around the experience of the individual as being in front.

And this was Saturn in Capricorn. It was largely centered around fulfilling your personal needs, your basic needs, and not worrying too much, or thinking too much about how your personal actions or personal space were affecting the world around you and not really paying attention to, in a lot of ways, the world around you.

It was — “I’ve got to eat. I’ve got to house myself. I’ve got to take care of my family. I’ve got to pay the bills. I have got to do all of these things”, and then there are these things that you want — “I want this kind of look, I want these clothes, I want this jewelry, I want these crystals, I want these physical, material things”, and that was the game.

And the game was, “I am going to grab as much as I can financially, so I can have the things I need/want, and I really don’t have the bandwidth to understand that each of us operating individually, in this way, is taking a toll on the collective reality.”

That was the game.

So we don’t want you to have a judgment about this. We don’t want you to look at yourself and say, “Ugh!”, or anyone around you, and use terms like too materialistic. You can say, “Ah, yes I was being materialistic”, and observe that from a neutral stance. But we don’t want to put yourself into a timeout, shame yourself for being that way, because the astrology was supporting that kind of behavior.

But your astrology is radically shifting now, and it is shifting to supporting the health of the collective. So for each of you individually it is a period of time, especially right now, while Mercury is retrograde, it is a period of time for you to look at where it is you are still running those underlying programs that tell you that to have what you want means you need to take from the collective and that for others to have what they want means potentially someone is going to come along and take something from you.

What you’re going to find now, moving through this Stellium period of time, is that the thoughts you have, where you know that whatever it is you’re directing your attention towards in your own individual manifestations is not just for you but also of benefit to the collective, these things are you going to seem most exciting for you. And the ones that aren’t, the ones that feel very focused on just the self without any way to factor in a collective experience, are going to be less exciting for you and you are going to feel a bit of a struggle within yourself.

Now the beings who are really going to have a hard time are those beings who are just bound and determined not to share, those beings so stuck, those humans so stuck in their fear and their trauma and their distortions of fear running as hatred, that they have built up walls around them that they are defining as boundaries, but they are not. They are not boundaries, they are walls. And they are going to find themselves feeling more and more isolated, more and more cut off, and they’re going to find themselves having less and less success with whatever is they’re putting their attention on. And this is going to be very frustrating for a lot of these beings because last year they were not having this challenge. The year before, they were not having this challenge. The year before, they were not having this challenge, and on and on and on.

Just take a breath right now and let yourself witness the scope of the shift we are talking about.

Those of you, and everyone tuning in here is a piece of this, who hold the perspective that, “What benefits the collective benefits me, and when I put my love, energy, and attention on the health of the collective I will benefit as a result”, you are going to have an easier time right now. Those who don’t, they are really going to struggle even more.

And then you have got this Saturn/Uranus Square. And this is going to come up three times this year for you all (February 17, June 14, and December 24), where the push and pull is going to be so obvious. You will see it so clearly.

Your work is in putting yourself in the unconditional flow of energy - receiving, and giving. It is more of a state of allowing, actually, where you are not really even actively giving. You are just allowing it to move through to you, knowing it benefits the collective. If there are physically giving actions for you to take you will do them simply as a result of this energetic paradigm that you are playing in now, The Age of Aquarius. This is your piece of it right now, and you will find that the things that you’re putting your attention on, that contribute towards the health, joy, prosperity, and growth of the collective will begin to shine more and more brightly again, especially once you move past the spring equinox.

Those who are struggling, they will struggle until they get that they need to ask for help.

Your work with those beings, if you have some personally in your life, is to — You can run the exercise of saying, “How do you feel? What do you need?” — You can do that with them. You can send them unconditional love. But do not think that you’re supposed to shift your perspective or vibratory rate and play the game of stealing any longer, simply to satisfy them, or satisfy a contract that you believe you have with them that perhaps doesn’t really even exist any longer because you have moved into a new paradigm.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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