Completion and the Unified Field — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold
3 min readSep 27, 2022


We want to talk for a moment here about some of the astrology right now and completion and again, the renewal piece. So you have six planets in retrograde, right in this moment. This is a lot of opportunities for inner work, for going back, for re-imagining who you are and who it is you want to be, for capturing ideas perhaps you thought you had lost, capturing experiences that you thought were beyond you that suddenly seem to be exciting to you once more.

So really feel the benefit right now even as much as retrogrades, especially Mercury, can cause some backlogs in communication and technology. This is inviting you to have more patience with yourself and others. So let yourself play that out, that patience piece yourself, so you can really benefit from the opportunities here to bring to completion that which you really feel done with at this time. And we say “at this time” because you’re in the infinite, so nothing is ever really fully complete. There is an evolutionary experience that transcends this lifetime, that goes on into the infinite that began before even time began, before you began measuring time, but there is still the experience of completion on planet Earth that you can give yourself that then allows you to move to the next thing, the next moment, that allows you a moment of celebration, accomplishment, a sense of well-being, the opportunity to say to yourself, “Well done!” So you can then move on to the next thing bolstered by the confidence connected to that moment of completion.

We can see that completion is challenging for those of you who have had sudden disruptive events in your life that have caused you to feel abandoned, rejected, and alone. Most of these things took place in your childhood, some of them happening then again perhaps in your 20s, and then maybe there are a few that feed in there later in life, but this is primarily childhood/adolescence/early 20s trauma, where you start to think that completion and disastrous endings are the same. What that could cause in some of you is fear.

It’s a fear that comes up around completing things because the fear is, “Ah, I’m going to relive that loss, that disaster, that trauma, that devastating experience.”

So we want you to have a look at where you’re at in your own completion experience. How many things do you have on the stove right now just simmering away? How many? How many projects or experiences or events are sitting there simmering that you’d like to complete that you want to complete, but, oh, you get distracted, or you just can’t find the time, or you don’t think you’re good enough or blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, right? All of the psychological pieces that come into play and all of the negative, self-talk.

Go deeper with yourself right now and really have a look at the fear that you’re holding that is preventing you from completing some of these things. Now, some of them, perhaps you’re not bringing to completion yet because of a timing issue. This is going to feel different to you. This is going to feel to you like, “Yes, the soup is not quite done yet,” right? This is a different experience than, “The soup has been boiling for days, and I really should take it off the stove, but I’m afraid to take it off the stove because what then? What’s Next?” — Big empty void of death, destruction, loss, chaos, break up, whatever it is, abandonment, trauma, divorce all these things.

Take a breath here.

So just have a notice for yourself right now, because this Equinox Gateway is really supporting completion and supporting the opportunity for you to go in and do some deep healing around these traumas and losses that make completion sometimes difficult, especially when it’s really time to bring something to completion. You can now tap into the unified field. You can tap into the sparkly light of this Equinox Gateway, and pull from that unified field to support yourself in healing the underlying issues that are coming up for you so you can move into completion.

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