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Nora Herold
5 min readMay 14, 2022


Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the May 3, 2022 Transmission

Part One:
We want to talk a bit about the kind of big astrological and celestial events that are immediate for you all, and you’ll also have a lot moving forward into the summer months and into the fall as you experience pretty much every planet going retrograde with the exception of Venus. You already had your Venus retrograde experience from the end of last year into the beginning of this year and through much of January. Then all planets went direct, and you were in this very fast-moving period of time where there was nothing in retrograde to slow any of you down, and that all changed on April 29th. On April 29th Pluto went retrograde and will be retrograde for about six months. So Pluto, when in retrograde, in some ways offers a gentler experience of Pluto itself, because Pluto in direct station and direct forward motion is very quick to point out the shadows and the fears and the darkness and can create a lot of confusion at times. When it’s retrograde, well that all is still happening, but there’s kind of a slower-moving energy to it, and your process becomes more introspective.

So from our perspective, even though Pluto went retrograde just a few days ago, and it may be having some effect on the events that are playing out right now where you’re centrally focused on the United States looking at the rights of women and then the rights of the collective by and large because that legislation has many other pieces that could affect many other vulnerable and marginalized communities as well. So you’re all aware of that right now. So yes, Pluto is drawing your attention to it, but we would say that it’s the solar eclipse that occurred the next day, on April 30th, that really was the impetus for pushing forward this information and bringing it into the light.

That’s really what’s happening for you all right now. You are looking at the reality of the structure of how things are working, the power structure right now. There’s this moment in time during solar eclipses when the power structures all are challenged in some way, shape, or form, and there are opportunities for shifts in power. So there’s an awesome opportunity here for a shift in the dominant patriarchal structures, as this shift is ongoing. It’s been a kind of slow, plodding evolutionary process on your world of the power structure shifting and changing, and power bleeding out from that centrally focused patriarchal structure into the collective. This has been happening. Then you have these moments in time where it looks as if that’s going to reverse, and solar eclipses can often bring with it this illusion of reversal or potential for reversal, and sometimes that is how you play things out in the third dimension. There is forward movement and then there is reversal.

However, those reversals were often and have often been based on those blueprints for incarnation, for your incarnations, up until the winter solstice of 2012 that had you stuck in a loop of suffering. So, two steps forward and one step backward is a suffering program. It’s where you use the idea that suffering serves a purpose for further evolution. Take a breath here. So we don’t want you to look at what’s happening right now and this potential for a shift here backward, we will use that term “backward” because you understand what that means, the taking away of a freedom, an expression of freedom, a right here, that has been so solidly held now for decades. So we don’t want you to look at that and say, “Well, maybe this will serve further evolution down the road if this terrible thing happens right now”, because then you’re aligning with those outdated belief systems that you need to suffer to grow, and you don’t.

You do not need to suffer to grow. Your suffering serves no growth purpose. Suffering begets more suffering. Yes, we can hear some of you thinking, “Well, I did learn a lesson via my suffering”, and yes, certainly there is learning in every experience. Yes. We’re kind of hitting this one really hard with you all right now and have been for the last couple of years, this piece around suffering because we’re trying to help you all reprogram your consciousness when it comes to this piece. Further on down the road, a few years from now, you may hear new and different information when it comes to suffering, but right now, right now, our suggestion is that you continually remind yourself that there is no benefit in suffering. Suffering does not benefit the individual. It does not benefit the collective. It does not benefit your world in any way, shape, or form.

Part Two:
After Mercury has gone retrograde, just a few days afterward, on May 15th or 16th depending on where you live, you’re going to experience a total lunar eclipse. Lunar eclipses very often bring with them pretty big opportunities for emotional experiences. So you may find yourself more emotional than you typically are. You may find yourself processing through emotions connected to experiences and events that you thought you had already sorted out or healed or cleared. If this is happening, remind yourself that the healing process is a lifelong journey. Nothing is ever fully complete. You can always come back to it, and you always do come back to the things, these events, these hurts, these wounds, or these joys. The big feelings can be very joyful. They can be suddenly overwhelmingly joyful to you so much so that it triggers an emotional response in you.

So, if you find yourself in that space, really allow. Tend to yourself. Give yourself what you need in the moment to support yourself, your emotional experience. Watch your reactions and your responses to everyone else around you, because of course everyone else is going to be having the same exact experience. So the potential for conflict or drama is probably going to be a bit high during this period of time. And, although the eclipse happens just over a few hours, you often feel the energy of these events in the few days leading up to it and then in the weeks that follow. There’s kind of a much longer experience of it in the weeks that follow, and the solar eclipse and the lunar eclipse are very tied together with one another, as they always are. So you’re going to find that the things that you’re thinking about and working through today right now and have been all weekend and over the next day or two, they’re going to come back up again for you in a couple of weeks. And you’re going to find your attention and consciousness going there again.

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