Equinox Timeline Jump and Genuine Joy — Ursula, The Pleiadians, and Yeshua

Nora Herold
6 min readApr 1, 2022

Nora Herold, Ursula, The Pleiadian Collective, & Yeshua
Excerpt from Spring Equinox Magic
March 17, 2022

We’re coming in with our big faerieness to play with you all a bit here. We want to talk about play and joy and fun, and how you’re all feeling about that right now in response to the war, the invasion, and the pandemic, which is still ongoing, and the death and the destruction, and the loss, and how it can become confusing for you all at times to play to have fun and to allow yourself playful behaviors, playful experiences, fun, and joy in the midst of so much suffering, when others are experiencing so much suffering, when you yourself are experiencing suffering, either directly because you’re involved or because people that you know personally are involved, or indirectly because you are all one, there, part of the collective. Anything that is being experienced by any on your world, you are feeling in some way, shape, or form yourself. So this whole matter of operating from a high vibe place and being in a joyful state, how do you do that? How do you do that so you are honoring humanity, your own humanity, your own humanness, and the experiences of humans, while at the same time, giving yourself permission to be genuinely joyful when you can. And that’s it right there. Genuine.

This is not a bypass or a suggestion to bypass when you are feeling the weight, and the heaviness, and the sadness, and the grief, and the sorrow, and the loss, and the anger, and the powerlessness, and the frustration, feel it. You’re feeling it, you’re in it. You need not bypass these feelings. And, when you are genuinely joyful and laughing and playful and expressing yourself creatively and working your spells, and your magic, feel it with gusto, with all of your heart. This is not you being disrespectful of those who are suffering. This is you then adding more joy into the field, into the field of experience that you are all drawing from because you are all one. Which then allows someone who is suffering, perhaps, an off-ramp into joy in that moment.

But you have to do this from a very grounded and genuine space. This cannot be forced. It cannot be upper chakras only operating in that high vibe, joyful state while your lower chakras feel like shit, right? It cannot be that. It must be truly the totality of your beingness, as you are balanced as a whole being with your yin and yang energy vibrating joy. Yes, then this becomes that effective empowering and powerful technique that Jon was asking about at the beginning of our conversation with you today. If you yourself are fragmented, disassociated, trying to be joyful, pushing joy when you are not actually genuinely able to actualize and activate as the joyful being you are, then you are not effective. You are not effective for yourself personally, or we’ll say, not as effective, but you are certainly not effective then in altering the collective experience in the way that you all desire to.

There’s also, you’re all having this desire to fast-forward through this period of time that you have found yourselves on, and in, this timeline, and yes, you are in the midst of a timeline jump, as Nora was reflecting upon. You’ll really begin to feel it once you’re through the Equinox gateway. “Timeline jump”, just means a different reality, a new place, new experience. It’s not better. It’s not lower. So don’t expect everything to suddenly magically get better. Although new opportunities for better will present just as new opportunities for worse will present. This is what happens when you move to a new timeline, there is just newness. There’s newness all over the place.

It’s essential that you remember that your personal reality is equal to the collective experience in importance, just as the collective experience is equal in importance to your personal experience. So this is something else that you’re balancing within yourself. This is something you’re finding at times, you’re out of balance with. So you can work this balancing of the yin and yang frequencies in your body, and remember yourself as conduits of the unconditional giving and receiving of energy. As you work in this way with yourself, then you’ll find that balance with your personal reality in relation to the collective, where you understand that as you wish and act towards a more joyful life for yourself, you are doing that for everyone as well. That it’s not, “If I am joyful, that person over there or some person over there must suffer”.

That’s the old model. That’s the outdated way of existing. It is what you’re moving off of, and what you’re moving towards are realities that truly recognize collective agreements. So enjoy this piece of the Equinox Gateway as it comes through, as you continue to work your understanding of yourself as an individual creator within the context of the collective container.

The Pleiadians:
Just take a breath here. As you inhale and exhale, know that there are going to be things and events that play out, continue to play out where in the moment you’re really going to feel like, “There’s nothing I can do to physically, in the moment, alter this experience”, and this will largely be true. You cannot physically alter these things by your physical engagement, but when you are feeling this powerlessness, first tend to yourself. Then when you were able to activate that joy throughout your entire system, put more joy in the field. Put the frequency and vibration of peace and safety and compassion and harmony, and work your magic in this way. Activate these vibrations within yourself. Take simple actions in your life that demonstrate peace and joy and harmony and compassion and collaboration and unconditional love, and know the power in your simple spell work in this way. Know, yourself as powerful and empowered in this way.

So you’re just acknowledging the abundance and the truth that if you put yourself in that state of unconditional giving and receiving of love and energy, you can experience a physical manifestation of this, and individually you are starting to move in this direction. Then there are some individuals who are not, on your world, and this also affects the container. It affects the experience of the whole, and it’s one of the reasons why the discussion around the income and wealth gap and inequality has become so loud lately, because you’re so clearly seeing those who are hoarding as stealing energy. This is the way it feels and has always felt. Then the rest of you who sit on the deficit side of things feel taken from and feel stolen from. So you have to acknowledge this, “Yes, this is still happening”, it is, you can’t bypass the truth of it, while also reaching for that equitable reality where there is the acknowledgment that there is more than enough for all on your world, more than enough for all in the universe, and you exist in that field of unconditional giving and receiving.

So this shift from “The return of the faeries is upon you and nothing is as it was before” moving to “The return of the faeries is upon you and it’s time to flower and bloom” — You are all faeries, every single one of you. It is time for you to fully embrace your faerieness. You can substitute “fifth-dimensional identity” or “higher-self” for the word “faerie”, but you are all faeries. It is time for you to fully claim your identity as faerie, whichever version of Faerie you are from elf to dragon to brownie to pixie to gnome to faeries, (when you think of the word faerie that makes you think of a faerie,) to whatever being that you are. It is time to fully embrace and begin operating from your Faerieness. This is you flowering and blooming.

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