Four Planets Direct — Who Am I Now? — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the October 5, 2021 Transmission

So just let yourself, again, notice anything that is coming up right now that wants your attention. And just feel fully whatever you need to feel right now, without any judgment, or need to attach a story to it. There is so much happening right now in the collective, and individually you are each having your own experience, and then you are also processing the totality of the collective shift right now. So, it is very normal to want to immediately assign a story or a situation to a feeling state, and yes you are probably going to get a lot of that right, and yet there are always other pieces that are contributing to your experience that are typically beyond your immediate awareness.

You are in a major shifting moment on your world right now as you step off of the timeline that you have been walking for the last two years and begin to dip your toe into and onto the post-pandemic timelines. Now, of course, that does not mean the pandemic has completed or is over, but it means that you are starting to move into the cycle of completion with this journey.

So what we are seeing as we are asking you to tune into yourselves right now, we are seeing some anxiety and nervousness and fears, and right away your mental body is going to want to assign these feelings to specific areas of life, your very personal experience, and right now just suspend the need to do that. Instead, just let yourself really acknowledge what you are still tuning into due to living through a 100-year event like the pandemic and the level of uncertainty that that is creating, not just for you personally, but for the totality of the collective about what comes next. This is really what is coming up right now. So just really breathe here and tune into your 3rd chakras, specifically as you are breathing.

And give yourself permission right now to activate the vibration of confidence in your third chakra. So this is you inviting your higher self to magnify just a bit in the third chakra which allows for your ego identity to relax into the embrace of your higher self from within.

As you begin to feel that vibration of confidence, and if you are struggling with this right now, just go into your heart, take some golden light right into your heart chakra and exhale it right on down into your third. The third chakra is also in a lot of ways the center of your identity here in your body, and with the massive identity shift underway and wanting to complete now as you have 4 planets moving into direct station over the next couple of weeks (Pluto — October 6, Saturn — October 10, Jupiter — October 17, and Mercury — October 18), leading up until the full moon (October 20), there is a lot of energy around this. You can kind of feel this excitement of, “Ah, I am on the cusp of knowing more about me.”

And then also there is, “I’m on the cusp of, knowing more about me and what the hell does that mean? Who am I right now? What is my life? What do I enjoy? What do I love? Who do I love? Where do I want to live? What do I want to be doing?”

All of this is really up for all of you, some in greater ways, some of those things in lesser ways. They are all up for the totality of the collective, however, “Where are we headed, as a group? And how are we going to get there? And what do I need to continue to heal, within my own experience, my personal experience, to facilitate the deconstruction of structures that have kept us within these distortions of fear manifesting as hatred — white supremacy, racism, antisemitism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny and all of the rest?”

Because this is all going to come to front and center again in very big ways as the reality and intensity of Covid begin to wane.

You still have Uranus in retrograde. And Uranus is not going to go direct until the beginning of next year (January 18, 2022). Uranus is really the collective movement. So you are reevaluating your collective journey as individually you’re starting to come out of your own personal retrograde experience.

(Small Snippet on Jupiter from further on in the program)

Jupiter going direct is going to feel like a burst of energy and enthusiasm. Jupiter often represents for you all good fortune, and you are all feeling like you really need this right now. It has been so challenging for you all, the last couple of years as you have walked this timeline, that as Jupiter goes direct you are going to feel within yourself a desire to celebrate. You may not see yet evidence on your world that it is truly time to celebrate, and yet, if it is within you to celebrate, do not repress that. Take that celebratory energy and joy and express it, have it, enjoy it as Mercury goes direct in tandem

Then moving forward, as you head into November and December, you are going to be greeted by a couple of eclipses and some other big astrological events which are still going to continue to really help you shape and form this identity you are crafting as you then come into 2022, feeling much clearer on who you are, where you would like to be, what you want to be doing and begin to understand how to put these things into action.

Now if you start to get that understanding sooner, if it is suddenly clear to you in a couple of weeks, “Ah, this is it, this is the thing,” have at it. Take the Jupiter energy, that’s that celebratory/good fortune/excitement, take it, enjoy it, use it. Continue on, while being mindful of the collective journey as well, that the collective shift is still underway.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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