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Nora Herold
5 min readApr 20, 2022


Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the April 5, 2022 Transmission

As you’re breathing here, we want you to tune in to both the green and pink light associated with the heart chakra. We’ve used watermelon tourmaline as a descriptor for this in the past, that gemstone on your world, that crystal, watermelon tourmaline. So really tune in to that green and that pink color and light in your heart chakra. The pink, usually, you use to identify personal love or romantic love, friendships, relationships, and then the green light of your heart chakra tends to go more to your love of humanity, understanding yourself as a being of love. It’s a more healing-centered energy. So as you’re breathing right now, just invite these pink and green lights, these two aspects of your heart center to blend. Just feel the pink moving into the green and the green moving into the pink.

This is to help support you in embracing, first, your own personal humanness and the piece of you that is humanity at this time, and then also connect you with the larger consciousness of humanity, connect you with seeing the beauty of humanity, the beauty of your humanness, the love available to you all. This is not being done to cancel out any of the atrocities that are occurring on your world right now. That’s still happening. So you don’t want to do this to cancel your awareness of that or cancel that out. You do this to remind yourself of this and the strength of this, the beauty and love, and the capacity for beauty and love you all have as humans as part of humanity.

You bring this awareness then, you bring your observations, you run it through your observational abilities as you witness the atrocities playing out right now. This will keep you more heart-centered, more in your body, more able to take in information, and feel what you need to about it without becoming too overwhelmed by it or without going into denial about what is occurring. It allows you, really it’s similar to the accessing of the third and fifth-dimensional identity from within as you deal with yourself personally and your own personal experiences. So this is offering you a process as you deal with collective humanity and the collective creations unfolding right now. There is the you that is very human viewing it all, feeling distressed, and then there is the higher 5th-dimensional consciousness running through you that you can activate as well. As the two consciousnesses work side-by-side and blended in this way, it allows you to remain centered and in your heart again, as you observe and feel about what it is that is playing out without disassociating, without going into denial, without bypassing, and without feeling like your legs get knocked out from under you as a result of what you’re tuning into.

Just take a breath here.

Alright, so there are a number of things we want to talk with you about before we head into Q&A. The first is the timeline jump that has really kind of finally just settled in for you all. So this was a big jump that started really on the winter Solstice, came much more into fruition physically via the energy of the Equinox, just a few weeks ago. You’ve spent the last couple of weeks trying to stabilize on this new timeline, and it’s lent itself to a lot of exhaustion in a lot of you as you’ve worked on clearing up some things in yourself, and a lot of this was unconscious and energetic work that you were doing. A lot of the work you’ve been doing you had to do while you were sleeping because your conscious mind can’t really recognize or understand that you’re on a new timeline or in a new reality. So, if you were sleeping for longer periods of time, this is part of the reason why this was occurring.

We want to touch on another piece here around your exhaustion collectively and the tiredness. Part of the reason this is happening for some of you, for a lot of you, is because when the pandemic began as a pandemic, when you all started to really grasp the bigness of the event, you went into an emergency response in your bodies and in your consciousness and have been in a state of emergency for a couple of years. This means that at all times whether you knew it or not, you were running a fight or flight response on some level or that paralyzing response that some of you go into, and your adrenals got exhausted, and your central nervous system felt overwhelmed. Now, over the last few weeks, as you’ve come to a quieter moment in the pandemic, it’s just quieter, it’s not over yet. It’s still happening on parts of your world, in some places bigger than in others, in some places where it had been very big like in the United States, it’s much quieter right now. So, because of this, because you’re feeling this kind of overall pause, a lot of you took a big sigh of relief energetically, so we’re talking energetically here. As you did this, you released that emergency state that you had been running for the last couple of years and then tuned into how exhausting this has been for your systems. So you all have needed additional rest to facilitate healing, recharging, repair, and re-energization within yourselves.

We want to say, just continue to really honor your need for rest right now. Don’t see it as an impediment to getting things done or an impediment towards the progression in your life. Because if you don’t give yourself this moment of rest when you need it, you’re not going to be able to bring your whole self, your excited, vibrant, alive, and whole self to the projects that really are desiring of your attention, that you’re desiring to put your attention on as well. Then you’re going to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and exhausted and things aren’t going to sync up for you like you want them to. So, when you need the nap, take a nap, the hour nap, or 3 hour nap, whatever it is, is not going to inhibit you. It’s going to give you exactly what you need.

Then you’re going to hit those moments where you suddenly feel energized and refreshed and excited again in your bodies. Some of you have had this experience already. We’re noticing that just as of oh, the last couple of days, this is starting to happen for some of you, where you’re waking feeling fully rested, and having fun with new projects and new ideas, and taking advantage of the fact that all planets are still in direct station right now supporting your forward movement. So, again, the rest, the sleeping, the sleeping-in, if that’s what’s happening, is part of your forward movement. It’s not delaying you. It is facilitating that forward movement because as creator beings you are constantly tending to your creations, whether you are in waking consciousness or sleeping consciousness. And some of the dreams you have you are still working out in the dream state, literally, in the dream state, so you can then express them creatively, physically in your world.

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