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Nora Herold
3 min readJul 16, 2022


Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the July 5, 2022 Transmission

This was in response to a question about life purpose and feeling stuck that often gets asked of the Pleiadians

So, you’re not supposed to be anything.

Just know that you are love incarnate as the foundation of your identity. Your value is inherent in this. You are valuable because you exist. So then it becomes, “All right, how do I want to express my value in the world?”

What we can see for you right now is you’re kind of in this in-between space, and that’s how we see it for you. You’re in between. You’re not “in limbo”. You’re not “stuck”. You’re in between, and the in-between space is a space of intense personal healing, growth, and development.

Just take a breath here and let this land in your body.

This is the piece that often feels least important to you all when you start to expand your awareness and your consciousness and you want to get to work in another way on your world and be of service to others. The piece that often gets devalued is this piece that you’re in, this place that you’re in, this need for attention to the self and the healing, the growth, the development that you personally need. See this as your priority right now, and then when you come to an organic, we’re going to say completion, but it’s not really completion because this will be lifelong for you, but you will come to a level of completion within yourself. Then the what to do next, the how to do it, the how to be in the world, well these things will be answered for you. They will be obvious to you.

We’re noticing that a lot of you are having what was asked about but in different ways, perhaps, in your lives. Maybe what you were doing prior to the pandemic and during the pandemic is slowing down a bit. Maybe you know you want to do something else, but you haven’t yet figured out what it is. Maybe, you know what it is, but you can’t get it going, right?

Then, also, we’re seeing that a lot of you are having some cognitive issues, where you can’t remember words or the names of things. You are having trouble accessing pieces of data and information as easily as you used to prior to the pandemic or even during the pandemic, and this is because you’re still healing from the experience of living through a pandemic, a pandemic that is not yet completely finished.

So it’s really important that you give yourself the time and space you need, and that you recognize the massive disruption that you all have been through, both personally and then collectively as well. It’s really been so disastrous for you in so many ways. Just take a breath here and relax into your body as you feel that piece of information integrate.

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