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Nora Herold
8 min readJan 14, 2023

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the January 3, 2023 Transmission

Think about this word, repair. You can break it up into two words there, Re Pair. So often you think of repair as fixing, but have a look at it a bit differently right now. Re-pair, as in re-partner with yourself first, a new way of connecting with the self, partnering and collaborating within a more advanced way, in fact of allowing the 3rd and 5th dimensional operating systems to begin collaborating with each other, that then allow for more dramatic results in your day-to-day life, in your world personally and collectively.

Then on January 18th, as Mercury goes direct, you’re going to start to feel like the cobwebs are clearing and you’ve got more forward momentum going. Then on January 20th or the 21st, depending on, where you are on the planet, two things are going to happen. The sun will be entering Aquarius, which is a very different energy from the Sun being in Capricorn. It’s very expanding. And you’ve got a new moon happening in Aquarius, and this new Moon is a super new moon. So whereas the full moon this week, on January 6th is the farthest away from Earth that the moon can be, the new moon on January 21st will be as close to Earth as the moon can be, making it a super new moon, supercharging your intentions, your actions, the new.

So this is going to be an incredibly powerful time for you all to initiate, January 20th, 21st, and 22nd, this window of time there. Much magic has been given over the last few years. You can pick and choose your favorite magical actions to connect to this energy, this gateway, that’s going to really propel you individually forward and collectively forward into the realization of the new timeline, new cycle, new phase that’s actually already begun, but the realization is really going to make itself known in about three weeks.

The next thing that occurs, right after, the very next day, on January 22nd, is that Uranus will be going direct, and this is opening up a window of time, for about three months, where every single planet will be in direct station, meaning no retrogrades. It’s a very fast-moving time. Now, we talked about this last year during the phase of all planets being direct back in 2022, and the opportunities that were available. One of the things that can happen during the time of all planets being direct is that things can feel very fast, like they’re moving so quickly that you don’t quite have the ability to slow down enough to grab onto something and really start to craft it into its physical expression. So you may find yourself in this space during this period of time. For certain, you’ll all be getting things done, you’ll all be taking action, you’ll all be moving forward, but you may have some really big ideas during that window of time, January 22nd to April 21st of 2023. You may have some really fantastic ideas for yourself and your life and your reality and may find that you just are not able to start taking action on these ideas. Don’t worry about this because when the planets start going retrograde again and things start to slow down a bit, you’ll come back to these things, and because you’ll be in a bit more slow-moving time, it’ll be actually easier to get done some of these things, especially the bigger ones.

Then you’ll actually see, “Oh, I’m not starting it now, it already started, I already started. I’m just seeing physical evidence of this, in my life.”

There’s one other thing we want to talk about before we go into Q&A, and this is what this new phase is, what this new timeline is really about for you all, and how you can best operate during this period of time, how you can best benefit from it, and how you, of course, can best be of service to the collective, to the people in your life and really understand this is all one. You benefiting from being supported by the energies of this period of time and making use of this energy and putting it back into the collective experience, is you benefiting the collective. This is you being a being of service.

For the last three years, you’ve had to use more energy than you’ve ever had to use before during this incarnation, to simply deal with and survive living through a period of accelerated change. So we’re not talking about the pandemic specifically, we’re not talking about the political reality specifically, we’re not talking about climate change specifically. We’re talking about all of it. Everything. The acceleration of the shift began on the winter solstice of 2012, and then it really began to pick up steam on the winter solstice of 2019. For three years now, you have been primarily dealing with living through accelerated change.

Take a breath here.

Think about how remarkable you are right now as you look at all of the things you still did and accomplished while living through that period of time and accelerated change and the energy of accelerated change. It’s not going away. It’s not like, ah, now you’re through it and now you’re in a calmer space. This is not what’s happening. What is happening now is that your system, your body, your emotions, your mental capacity, and your energetic structure have begun to sink up with accelerated change as the regularity of your reality. So what this means for you individually, what it means for the collective is you’re not going to have to use as much energy as you had to use over the last three years just to simply get through your day because you’ve adjusted. You’ve taken this energetic structure now into yourselves, chewed on it, digested it, taken it into your bodies, acclimated to it, and now this is life. This is the regularity of your reality. Meaning you have freed up, now, personal energy to do other things.

So the accelerated change will continue, and it will continue in a lot of different ways. There are so many different ways it can go and these changes can happen. You’ve gotten to the point now where you can pay attention to what is happening in the bigger picture and you’re no longer as shocked by it or thrown by it, or exhausted by it, just trying to survive it, understand it, manage it. Now you can look at it and say, “Okay, I know this, I know this feeling now, I’ve integrated it, and it’s familiar to me, and now I can go back to my day and make decisions for myself proactively as opposed to reacting to events that will continue to unfold.”

So there was a lot of this throughout 2020. During 2020 your field was very crowded energetically by reactions to the devastation of the pandemic and the political conflict, we will just point out those two right now. There were a lot of humans who reacted to those events and made choices for themselves based on those reactions, as opposed to sitting centered and being proactive, and now they have potentially found themselves in realities or environments that they’re not really aligned with.

So you can have a look for yourself, “Okay. Where did I do this, perhaps? Or did I even do this, perhaps?” And If you did, accept yourself and love yourself, take a breath, and clear any judgment you have about it because surviving what you all have moved through in and of itself is a remarkable feat. Let yourself have this right now, and then take this experience and say, “Okay, moving forward, I need to know what’s happening. I need to intend for safety for myself and for others.” And yet, as you slow your energy down a bit and move into proactive action, this then opens you up to living in a way that is more joyful, that again uses the fuel of excitement as your creative and creationary force, and also allows you to be a lighthouse for others.

Think about yourself right now as a lighthouse for others. As so many within the human collective are still in a state of struggle and suffering and you may be as well. There, of course, will be times when you’re still going to feel this struggle. You are still going to feel an element of suffering, you are still going to feel it all. And yet, there are those who are very immersed and enmeshed in it, in this darkness. We will just call it, the darkness, we will call it what it is, fear that breeds confusion and hate, and the distortions of fear that are then spinning out as conspiracy theories and other forms of disconnection from the collective via racism and anti-Semitism and on and on and on.

So you don’t need to jump into this and have direct arguments with those who are holding these belief systems, those who are perpetrating this kind of energy, those who are using fear as the foundation of their belief system or even using fear as the foundation of their prosperity, and there’s been a lot of that happening over the last, well, forever in your reality, but you’re really starting to see it now over the last few years. You instead can see it and then hold yourself in this vibratory rate as a lighthouse, beaming more light, more love into the collective experience, and you do this via your own self-work, via that radical self-care, your willingness to feel everything there is for you to feel in the moment and accept and love yourself even more as you feel it.

Take a breath here.

What’s going to happen as you light up more and more in this way, is that those who are sitting in fear, they’re going to start to feel this light and connect with it and use it, and you may never have any direct interaction with them. There will be many times you will operate as these lighthouses, scattered across the globe, and you’ll have no recognition whatsoever that you affected a change in someone else. But you did, you have, you already have, and you will continue to do so. So you can use the term, “holding your vibration”, right? That’s another way of looking at this, but it is really key that you not just hold your vibration without tending to yourself and your emotional state because this is what breeds the fear-based thought forms, those who are working at holding their vibration without actually tending to themselves, their humanness, their humanity and their connection to all of humanity, all that is occurring at this time.

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