Lunar & Solar Eclipse Upgrades — Nora & The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the December 7, 2021 Transmission

First, I want to talk personally about the last three days or so (December 4–6) and what I have experienced and just share a bit. If you follow me on Facebook you probably read about it there, but I will tell you that late Saturday night, so after the total solar eclipse which was actually exact very late on Friday night for me here in Pacific time, but we felt the effects of it really in a big way all Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and some of you felt it prior on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. So I noticed a low-level depression taking hold on Saturday evening and then it was even more intense Sunday, coupled with thoughts about what a total and utter failure I was, thoughts that were in the “what is the point of it all?” range. So, as I said on Facebook, I know how to handle myself when I land in that space, and I was very gentle and loving with myself all day and aware that some of it was personal and a lot of it was bleedthrough energy and information, the collective is experiencing such a major shift right now. There were ancestral pieces and past life pieces bleeding through and then also, of course, pandemic fatigue. The fatigue that we are all experiencing at what feels like the unending and relentless experience of the pandemic, even as we are all feeling more out in the world. It is still with us. There are still many people getting sick and dying daily, and that grief is weighing heavily upon all of us. I was very aware of that. So, I am sure that a lot of you had similar experiences, and we are going to hear about that from the Pleiadians.

First, I want to do a quick rundown of all of the major celestial events that have happened recently and will be happening through the end of the year, and then there is something in February as well. We had the annular lunar eclipse in Taurus on November 19 and the total solar eclipse in Sagittarius on December 4. Venus will be going retrograde in Capricorn on December 19. We have the solstice on December 21 and then the third and final Saturn/ Uranus square in Capricorn on December 24. Looking ahead, the United States experiences our first Pluto return in February of 2022. So we went from an active cycle of all of these planets moving direct in October, and then things quieted down for most of November until the lunar eclipse, but even that was kind of quiet. Now we are moving into a much more active cycle with a lot happening, a lot of opportunities for very quick adjustments and movements, and we will hear about some of those things again tonight, and some different takes and perspectives than what was offered during the eclipse transmission. So this will be an addendum piece to that information as well as some throat chakra and third chakra work tonight. So there is a lot scheduled here.

The Pleiadians:
Greetings, this is The Pleiadian Collective. As always it is so wonderful to connect with all of you beautiful Universal Beings of Love. So, just take a breath here. Inhale and exhale gently. Let yourself land in your body. Just notice if you are able to center easily right now or not, no judgment, just have your experience, as you breathe.

The lunar eclipse brought about some big throat chakra adjustments, and the solar eclipse brought about some big third chakra adjustments for you all, and upgrades. We like to use that term “upgrades”. So what does that mean exactly? Because we know that you hear that a lot from us and from other people and beings that you work with. So, from our perspective, an upgrade is — you were available to go only so far, prior to the upgrade, in your accessing of certain technologies and abilities and different aspects of this reality, and then after an upgrade, you are able to do just a bit more. Just a bit more. As these upgrades happen, what also goes along with them is the need to clear very rapidly any and all old programs, hurts, traumas, ideas, thought forms, beliefs that get in the way of you being able to effectively use these upgrades. So as Nora was sharing about her personal experience of the solar eclipse energies, that was all coming up for her personally, and then also there was this collective coming to terms with that feeling of “what is the point?” kind of futility. This is all very third chakra related. Then ideas about success and failure, which also can be very connected to your understanding of yourselves, your identities, this is all carried in the third chakra as well.

We see the third chakra and the fifth chakras as very interrelated on your world right now, because as soon as you start to take in new information, so you took in these upgrades on the lunar eclipse back on November 18/19 and 20. You took those upgrades in, there in your fifth chakra, this new information, new energy that then immediately went to work on your third chakra as well, your understanding of yourself within the container of the collective, your understanding of your identity within the collective earthly experience at this time and both the beneficial and positive and wonderful pieces that go along with that and then also the things that are really rough, really challenging for you as you are navigating right now via this reality.

This was then intensified when you experienced the illusion of losing connection with your power source during the total solar eclipse, this past weekend. Even though most of you did not visually experience the eclipse, because the sun was not out, it was nighttime for most of you, you still certainly experienced the energy of the eclipse. Sometimes when things occur that you cannot actually see, with your own 3rd dimensional eyes, well then those things sometimes are even more impactful for you because they kind of sneak up on you so to speak. If you’re standing, witnessing in daylight, a total solar eclipse, and you are watching it happen in front of you, all is revealed in that moment to your physical form, but if you do not have the opportunity to view it physically, you don’t have that “AH!”, that big moment of taking it in, so it comes in then kind of sideways, which is really the best way to put it to you all. This energy coming in, in this way, just felt like it really knocked you all down, for a while, really laid you out. And you didn’t, again, have the visual experience of it, so then it became very disorienting. We saw a lot of you scrambling, trying to figure out, “What is happening with me right now, what is this is about and why am I feeling this way, and what is it in my life that is triggering this?” From our perspective, it is not, “what is it in your life that is triggering it”, the trigger was the eclipse energies, and what was triggered, of course then, are what you are individually holding and then what the collective is holding as well.

So we want to work with you right now on helping you integrate a bit more easily these upgrades in both your fifth and third chakras, but first before we do that we are going to run a clearing with you all. And just know that Yeshua and Ursula and all of the Faeries and all of your beings and all of your support staff, any being that you are connected to in a higher vibrational way that is here supporting your journey is also present. All of these beings are present right now. So you will hear it as us but it is a much bigger transmission that is occurring in this moment to facilitate just a deepening and acceleration of these upgrades and helping you all feel like you are more back together, so to speak.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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