Mars Retrograde and Your Creative Energy with The Pleiadians, Ursula, and The Faeries

Nora Herold, the Pleiadian Collective, Ursula, and The Faeries — Excerpt from the September 1, 2020 Transmission

The Pleiadians:

We are always with you, always available to you. Sometimes you only notice we are here when you put your direct attention upon us, more often than not that is because you are asking for us to be present. But there are these other moments when suddenly you become aware of our presence, and that’s because we have magnified our energy for you, to get your attention. And in those moments, center, ground, breathe, relax, allow yourself to receive what is being transmitted. You may not hear it in the moment, you may not see it in the moment you may not have a conscious recognition of the information in the moment, but still allow yourself to open up those receptors in your etheric and energetic bodies and let yourself receive. Because that information then will stay with you and when you need it.

So it may be that moment, it may be that very moment some of you will have that experience and say, “Oh look, my guide is getting my attention, oh, I see I need to take care of this”. You will know right away, but other times what will happen is you will store the data and then when it is needed, when you need it, whether it be three hours later, 10 hours later, five days later, whenever it is you will have it, suddenly it will activate, the thought will occur to you, “Ah, I need to take care of this, I need to look at this, oh it might be a good idea for me to Blah blah blah”, fill in the blank.

It will always feel to you like it is for your highest good whatever that is. It may be something you have been avoiding, right? Perhaps it is something you have been putting off because there is an aspect of you that really doesn’t want to deal with it. And a lot of you have that going on. You all have that going on, in fact at all times. And often, yes you can, you can kind of sweep things aside, say I will handle this later, and then just in the natural evolution of your experience, you handle it, it’s finished, ah look at that, it wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it might be, or as time consuming, or whatever, because when you took care of it you were aligned to take care of it and that is often why you run resistance to taking care of certain things in your life, it’s because you’re just not aligned to take care of it in the moment. Then you start piling all this pressure on yourselves, and calling yourselves procrastinators, when really all you need to do is tune in to what is sitting underneath the resistance, the misalignment due to distorted energy, or fears or traumas, be more self-accepting and self-loving, and then what happens is, “Ah, look at that I’m doing the thing that I was resisting for a few weeks as if it’s nothing”, right? That is usually how this goes.

But sometimes there are things that you put on the back burner that you’re running resistance to that you forget about, for one reason or another. And we don’t mean literally forget about, although sometimes yes, it is that you literally forget about these things, but more often than not it is just that your consciousness hardly ever goes there. So it’s kind of sitting in the back, simmering, taking your energy without your awareness. So sometimes we will call your attention to these things. So if you suddenly have an “Aha, oh that’s right, this is a thing that is needing my attention”. Taking that direct action then, you will find when you do that, when you take direct action on that thing that you put on the back burner, that was simmering away for days or weeks or months or even years sometimes, you find, when you take the direct action, suddenly other things fall into place. Doors open up because all of that energy that you were using on that low burn, that low fire, that low simmer, you free it up.

So one of the reasons why we are talking with you about this tonight is because Mars is about to go retrograde. So Mars typically is what you look at on your world as the impetus for taking action.

So when Mars goes retrograde, and that is going to be from September 9th through November 13th. When Mars goes retrograde there is this excellent opportunity to take these things off the back burner and put your attention on them. Because sometimes what happens during a Mars retrograde is other things slow down. So busyness kind of mellows, you find you have extra time, energy, and attention. So you can pull these things off the back burner, free up that energy, and then you will find that that freedom of time, because things may seem a bit slower, allows you to do really exciting things, expressions of your creative energy, that you have been storing for quite some time. And we see this as a wonderful opportunity for you all, during this particular Mars retrograde.

Ursula and The Faeries:

This is Ursula, greetings. So we just wanted to come in, we, all of us, Faerie Collective at large, wanted to come in and remind you of the power, the magic, the importance of your creative energy, and your willingness to express your energy creatively. So when we speak about creativity you often immediately go to the arts, and the arts give you all the opportunity to be more obviously creative in your world, yes, but that is not specifically what we are talking about here when we talk about both the expression of your creative energy and you expressing yourselves creatively……..take a breath.

Think about the doors that open and pathways that appear as you deviate from your programmed normative self, into a more creatively expressed version of you that expresses yourself creatively……..breathe……as you feel into how this works on both sides, right? Your decision to play with your creativity and your creative energy over here, allows you to express yourself in creative ways, better ways, different, and unusual, and exciting for you.

So during this Mars retrograde, during all of this astrological kerfuffle that you’re finding yourselves in, and will continue to be in, — you are going to get so sick of hearing about astrology on some level because there is so much happening — and yet we do suggest that if you’re interested in what is actually happening astrologically that you seek that information out, that you find somebody that specializes in it, or that you read about it, that to educate yourself in this way so that you can say then when things start to play out, “Oh, I see how these celestial bodies, and the squares and the conjunctions and these planets are impacting this reality right now, and I can see the beings who are choosing to go within, take ownership and responsibility and do their work, and I can see the beings who are not”.

So you will give yourself that viewpoint, and as you express your creative energy and express yourselves creatively you will be able to navigate and maneuver through this rapidly changing time on planet Earth, with more ease and more Joy.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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Nora Herold

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