Opportunities for The New — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the October 4, 2022 Transmission

Let’s talk right now about Pluto going direct. This is going to happen the day before the moon is full, it’s going to happen this coming Saturday (October 8th). Pluto, while retrograde, and it’s been retrograde for about six months, has really invited you to go in and explore your understanding of yourself. This is the individual experience of it. Now, it’s also been working in the collective. So there’s been a lot of reflection right now in the collective around your structures, how you operate here with one another within your structures, all structures. This is also being facilitated by the fact that Saturn has been retrograde in tandem for about 4 months time and is going to go direct On October 23rd.

So you’ve got Pluto going direct and then Saturn just a couple of weeks later, Saturn, which is really about structure and rules and how you do things, the blueprint for your reality, how you get things done. So, these two planets being in retrograde and then going direct in tandem, as they are, is really going to open up the door for a lot of new ideas, new thoughts, and new processes beginning.

You’ll feel this and some excitement building around this in yourself, perhaps you are already. You may feel a little bit, some of you, kind of like, oh, somebody who is ready to go on vacation or have a big exciting adventure, but it’s still a few weeks away. So, you’re in your head, you know what it is you’re going to pack, or you think you know what you’re going to pack, and you think you know where you’re going to go, but you also know that, oh, new adventures. When you’re open to the new, surprises can happen. So, you know, there are things that will be unexpected. This is kind of where you’re at right now, you’re in this, “I can feel it coming. I can feel these openings happening and yet, I’m still here kind of in the same old same old and cleaning up some old business.”

Yes, there have been many opportunities and will continue to be opportunities for the next few weeks for you to clean up old business. So, have a look around. Literally what loose ends are hanging around in your life? If you’ve got threads hanging off of your clothing, we mean this very literally, trim them off. This is an excellent magical exercise in encouraging the metaphorical use of cleaning up your loose ends. So start very, very small first. What are some little tiny things you can just kind of simply tend to and finish up and clean up? Then watch how this creates the foundational energy for bigger steps in handling things, even some things that are feeling very overwhelming to you right now. You’ll find as you start to implement this and have a simple daily practice of this right now then tending to those bigger things is not going to feel nearly as challenging or impossible because you will have tended to all of these little things, and more often than not, the little things are the things that are getting in the way of you maneuvering through those bigger moments.

So, really over the next few weeks, as you’re coming up on Saturn going direct on October 23rd, really have a look at the little things you can clean up and bring to completion, and clear out to make way for those bigger changes that are going to start to unfold, those bigger opportunities, and bigger structures.

So, we’re going to just make a note right now, we’re not going to talk about this too much today because we have a special event planned for you all on October 25th, but we’re going to make a note that you’ve got a solar, a partial solar eclipse, on October 25th, Mars goes retrograde on October 31st, and then you have a total lunar eclipse on November 8. These three events, from our perspective, look very significant and look to be potentially system-changing and ground-changing events. So, what may happen over the next few weeks up until the eclipses and Mars changing position, what may happen is you kind of may start to see some things play out. There may be some power issues that come up, and they may seem frustrating to you and not joyful to you.

What we want to say is, you know, have your feelings about it, and don’t disassociate, don’t bypass, and if you have a reaction to it, it’s fine. If there are actions you can take towards them or towards a more joyful outcome for the collective, fantastic. And also know, the potential for some of these things to suddenly reverse, the moments for all of that, may begin to present during the eclipses and with Mars going retrograde because that’s going to be a huge vortex of power issues coming to the fore and potentially rapid shifts in power.

So, we just want to say that you may notice some things over the next couple of weeks again that may not feel great to you, especially in the bigger scheme of things, the bigger picture right now. So this is less about you personally, although you may deal with some of this stuff personally certainly or have some personal things, but, from where we’re looking, this looks to be more of a kind of bigger picture thing. Just know that the game-changing events are not really going to start until that first eclipse and that energy builds for that first eclipse. This is going to happen after Saturn goes direct. So we are just throwing this out there right now so you can have this piece to reflect on as things start to come up.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can. noraherold.com

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Nora Herold

Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can. noraherold.com