Pre-Solstice Energies — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the December 6, 2022 Transmission

There’s one other piece we want to talk about here before we go into Q&A and that’s this pre-Solstice period of time that you’re in. So for most of you who are tuning in you’re living in the end of the Autumn period of time here, heading into the winter, but also heading into the day that is shortest, the period of time where you experience the least amount of the Sun’s direct energy and activity on your body, in your life. So this period of time can often take you into your own shadows. It can take you into the stuff that haunts you. Let’s look at it from that perspective, your own shadows that haunt you. And it is you haunting yourself. This is not about beings outside of you or possession or anything like that. This is you, haunting yourself.

There is this kind of weird dichotomy during this period of time because it’s also the holidays for you all. So for those of you who are experiencing this lack of sunlight and feeling haunted at times by your shadows and your fears and your anxiety and your depression and your past. Now, we’re saying this can happen. This won’t be true for all of you. But it’s also the time of year when you are “supposed” to be joyful, supposed to be celebrating. And you can do all that, as well.

Our suggestion is that you be really honest with yourself and everyone around you during this period of time about how you’re feeling, what you need, when you’re available for celebratory activities, and perhaps when you’re not. Give yourself permission to have your experience, an experience that is very genuine for you, because pretending to be joyful typically causes a rebound where you then experience a backlog of depression. This often happens for you all, as you get into January. You have all of this excitement around the “New Year”, and that experience, and then you hit January and the holidays have ended, you’re kind of back to the regularity of your life, and whether you really experience this personally or not the collective certainly does, and you’re always tuned in to what the collective is experiencing as well, so even if you personally don’t really celebrate the holidays and don’t place that expectation upon yourself, you still are prone to feeling what the collective feels during this period of time, and because there is often a denial of feelings or a putting aside of “stuff” during the holidays, then that backlog comes in January.

So if you, yourself, make more of a personal commitment to being as honest and genuine as you can be for the next few weeks through the holiday season, then you’re going to find yourself in a lighter space in January and then able to be more of assistance and more of service to those who were not able to do this, to those who put aside their stuff and went into the celebration or even use the celebratory experience of the holidays as a way to bypass the stuff that they don’t want to deal with and don’t want to look at. And that’s fine. We’re not having a judgment about this. Things on your world right now are very intense and as we said really anxiety-inducing, so there is going to be some bypassing that happens. That’s to be expected. And you’re probably going to find yourself at times wanting to numb out or bypass and just know that that’s fine, right? If you need an escape from the intensity of your experience, that’s okay. Just when you come back, remember that you’re going to have things to deal with and then give yourself permission when you’re in a better space with yourself to deal with that which needs to be dealt with.

So the other thing that’s coming up for you all is, there’s just going to be a big clearing, you’re going to notice, happening in yourself. You’re going to find yourself at times just releasing perhaps physical items, emotions, or maybe even attachments to ideas you had about this life, who it is you thought you were supposed to be, what it is you thought you would be doing at this point in your life, where it is you think you’re supposed to be headed. A lot of that, we see you really all clearing a lot of that clutter out, because that’s really what it is. It’s clutter. It’s not serving you in any capacity, these things right now.

This is going to really open you up to a much more receptive state on the Solstice itself and because we’re gathering on the solstice during our Solstice event, the event that Nora and Jon do with you annually, because we’re going to meet with you then, we’ll talk a lot more about the receptivity that’s going to be available to you and how you can use that as you move forward then into what you call the New Year. Just notice right now if you feel like clearing out, letting go and, you know, here’s the other thing we’re really seeing, lighting up, in all ways, meaning releasing yourself from the need to follow any one particular path in a strict or strident way. You did a lot of work around all of this when Saturn was retrograde, looking at the rules you were imposing upon yourself, and we encourage you to continue to do this. A lot of you do it with spiritual information. You read something that tells you, oh, you have to do this to integrate your higher self and “ascend”, right? Then you try to stick to this and then impose this upon yourself even though, perhaps, it’s not really useful in your day-to-day life at all times, meaningful for you, or even achievable in this moment. Then you start to beat up on yourself because “you’re not doing it right”, and this just creates depression, anxiety, and at times even really self-negation.

So we want to say if your spiritual journey is not bringing you joy, if it’s not easy and flowing, if it’s filled with rules and musts and shoulds, have a look at what you can let go of, what perhaps isn’t working for you there, and how you can be lighter, more in the moment, and more playful at this time.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can.

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Nora Herold

Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can.