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Nora Herold
5 min readJul 29, 2020


Nora Herold, Yeshua, the Pleiadian Collective and Ursula — Excerpts from the Release Reset Renew Transmission of July 23, 2020

This is Yeshua. We greet you with love and joy and honor your Light.

Just take a breath, all of you, as we are connecting up with each of you individually. We, the Yeshua Collective, are connecting up with each one of you right in this moment — whether you are tuning in live to this transmission, or listening to the replay or the recording — we are with you right now.

Let yourself inhale and exhale gently as you put your attention on your heart chakra, and breathe with ease as you allow yourself to connect deeply with your experience of grief.

The collective grief on Earth right now is massive. You are all very much going about your day-to-day lives within the midst of a crisis, operating to the best of your abilities to keep yourselves healthy, clear, connected, moving forward, and meanwhile, there is the loss. The incredible accumulation of loss manifesting within your very realities. Loss of human life, loss of animal life, loss of income, loss of the regularity of your day-to-day lives, loss of your sense of normalcy, loss of a sense of direction, loss when it comes to relationships, social interactions, engagements, loss of touch, and feel… loss. And, because your attention is focused, as creator beings, on not just surviving this moment but making the best of this moment for yourselves, it has been impossible for you also to fully appreciate, feel, and process the enormity of the loss.

So, we are giving you this moment right now to tune-in to yourself as you breathe, facilitated by our love and support. We are asking you to feel your loss. Feel your grief, your sadness, your disconnection, your pain, your anger, your frustration, your disorientation — feel it all, all that needs to come up, that needs to be felt, that sits in your emotional bodies — and recognize how the last six months of collective loss has triggered in all of you, many other memories of many other losses that transcend this particular moment in time. Look at where your memories have been taking you over the last few weeks, into old relationships, into your childhoods, into other lifetime experiences, and as you breathe, feel it all — emotionally, physically, energetically, mentally — allow the stories to take shape and form. Some of you have tried to brush these things away a bit. Let them be; let yourself be. You will not counter your survival by feeling your grief, your pain, and your loss.

Inhale and exhale gently into your bodies. And now observe yourself as you feel. And accept yourself exactly as you are — perfect, all, complete, Love Incarnate as you begin to feel the energy of unconditional love run throughout your body. As you feel that unconditional love being received by every version of you that has ever felt loss in any moment, on any timeline as you release, transmute, clear.

The Pleiadians speak —

Collectively you are preparing yourselves now for another timeline jump. So, this timeline jump you have all decided on is going to initiate around the beginning of this next new year on July 26th (following the Day Out of Time), and will continue to kind of alter itself and its structure and the way you experience this timeline, all the way through the Lion’s Gate Portal on August 8th, and then for a few days afterward as well, as you transit that gateway.

So you have a big, gigantic, collective shift imminent. And you are individually preparing yourselves right now for that, so you, personally, can allow yourself to both land in the highest possible place for you, the highest vibrational experience, while at the same time acknowledging the experience of all around you, and operating as a being of service. And we see you all operating as beings of service all the time now in such beautiful, energetic ways.

And what we can see happening now is a more physical desire beginning to move through your bodies and take form and action. And this has already started, of course, on your world. It is not a new concept at all, but what you’re going to start seeing is some of the actions that have already been taken, especially over the last few months, when it comes to physical bodies in the streets demonstrating and demanding a new reality. And we’d like to frame it in that way. We’d like for you all to frame these actions from this perspective — that you are demonstrating for that which you want. Yes, it’s important to call out, recognize, and acknowledge the abuses of power and that which you don’t want. And then it’s imperative upon you all that you align your energies and your actions towards that reality you do want.

Nora says — For clarity, via my channel, The Pleiadians were referring to the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and the demonstrations calling out the abuses of power by the white supremacists, the police, and the federal police in the US. They were not referring to the anti-mask or “liberate” demonstrations that are simply a byproduct of white supremacy and racism and support the continuing abuses of power.

Nora again — What I do know, what I feel so strongly is that cooperation and collaboration are key. I see one of the places that this is showing up is in this pushback against mask-wearing and the complications that are developing now in clearing ourselves from COVID due to the incredible amount of resistance people are running about wearing a mask. My sense of it is, when it comes to mask-wearing, first yes we are physiologically expressed here in the third dimension and there is validity, scientifically to germ theory. That is valid science. So just from a physiological standpoint anything we can do right now to prevent that spread of the virus via our mouths to the world around us seems to be a way to cooperate, a way to collaborate.

The Pleiadians — This is The Pleiadians here. We’d like you to perceive mask wearing in this way. It’s a way to co-operate, to collaborate. It’s a spell. You all put masks on your faces and decide that this is the thing collectively that will eliminate the virus from your reality. If you all did that, if every single one of you did that and felt the validity of that in your bodies, you would be rid of it within a matter of weeks using spellcasting technology either consciously or unconsciously. And it would in part work because of the collaborative effort, because all of you choose to agree.

Full audio recording of this event available here



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