Reunification and Joy in the Field — The Pleiadians, Yeshua, and Ursula

Nora Herold, the Pleiadian Collective, Yeshua, & Ursula
Excerpt from the March 1, 2022 Transmission

We want to talk about reunification.

You’re in a very different place today than you were just a week ago, in your collective consciousness. Now, when we speak about reunification, that doesn’t mean agreement on everything. It doesn’t mean you’re all getting along all of the time. What it does mean, from our perspective, reunification, is the sudden remembrance that you are all connected, that you are all one. This is occurring right now on your world, and it’s one of the reasons why you’re experiencing what’s happening throughout the global landscape as so defining, and why it has grabbed your attention in such big ways because you are at a moment where reunification has become more possible. It allows you to remember you are all one.

So you are watching events play out not just as observers, but also as participants, because you are one. As this is happening, as you are all observing, again, it doesn’t mean that you all agree completely about what exactly is happening, or why it is happening, or who did what, or who said this or when it actually started. That’s not what we’re talking about when we talk about reunification. We’re talking about the truth that the you that is love incarnate recognizes that all around you are love incarnate as well, and there is an inner-connected energy between you all that cannot actually ever be severed.

You can certainly play events out that offer the illusion of separation to such a degree that the severing feels absolutely very, very real. You all have had these experiences in your interpersonal relationships when you have a breakup or a falling out with a friend or a family member where you cut them out of your life. There is that severing that occurs, that absolutely feels 100% real to you in the physical, and yet, in the energetic, you are still connected, and right now the energy supports the remembrance that there is an energetic connection between you all.

So what does this mean for you personally in your life? So first it doesn’t mean, you know, go run to the person that you have the biggest conflict with and make up with them unless that’s truly genuine for you in the moment. What it does mean, is look for, in the moments at hand, opportunities to share love, connection, conversation with someone that you have felt that severance with. The best way to go about this or one of the more effective ways to go about this from our perspective is to choose to have a conversation about something that has absolutely zero triggers for you both. So let’s say you run into somebody that you know is on the opposite side of an ideological spectrum from yours, it’s not the time necessarily to try to come to an agreement about those things because that will probably magnify the separation right now. But what you can do is agree upon, perhaps, what a beautiful day it is and how lovely the mountains look, or you can have a conversation about anything that again seems to have very little or few triggers that you’re aware of, and give yourself permission in the moment, as you’re connecting with this other being, to see them as the being of love that they are. For the moment at hand, you can disconnect from the mental clutter or the emotion connected to the disagreements and form that reunification energy with one another around these things that seem to be not very important at all. Although, of course, a beautiful day can become incredibly important. Then you start to shift and shape, perhaps, your personal day and where your attention is being directed in this moment.

So right now with what’s happening on your world stage and the potential for bigger conflict that exists, of course, and then the potential for a speedy resolution, which also exists. We don’t know how this is all going to play out, but the more of you who actively pursue this reunification energy and bring it into the physical, the more you’ll find yourself operating then as an activist in real time when it comes to the bigger conflicts that are playing out, for instance, right now, Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. So this just gives you an action and an activity to engage in that allows for you to weave reunification energy into the blueprint of collective humanity, and the collective consciousness right now on your world, that then others are going to pick up on, because of course, you’re all working telepathically as well. So as your having this very simple conversation about the delicious new restaurant in town or whatever it is with this other person that you know you don’t agree with around certain subject matter, but as you’re having this lovely conversation about the new, and the fun and the exciting and the deliciousness, and you smile and connect in this way, you broadcast this. The two of you who were disparate are suddenly broadcasting agreement and reunification, and then those around you pick up on that telepathically and suddenly see doorways and windows open for reunification that they didn’t know existed.

Now, this isn’t going to solve right now all of your conflicts and all of the things that you all are working out here in your reality and how you’re going to go about collectively creating your new timelines and your new moments, but again, this gives you something as an individual to chew on and work with that allows you to feel very active in your role as a reunifier.

Now, you may find that you try this with someone and they’re just not available. They’re just still too connected to separation and sides and needing to be right. That’s a big one right now on your world, the need to be right because it supports an understanding in the ego identity that the person is somehow more in the know, therefore higher up on the food chain, more powerful, “more special” than the rest of humanity. They’re really not. That’s just their own insecurity and the way that they’re playing out their insecurities by latching onto belief systems that cause them to feel as if they need to be more important or know more than the rest of humanity. So if you run into this and find the reunification moment does not present, don’t push. If you push, you will push yourself into conflict, and then you will walk away feeling bad. You will just walk away feeling bad.

While we’re talking about this idea of needing to be more special, take a good look for yourself on how you might be running this as well, if and when you use terms like “lightworker” or “star-seed”, or even the term “ascension”, because there are humans on your world that are currently using these words to try to carve out a feeling of more specialness for themselves, and this contributes to more separation. This does not facilitate reunification. So let yourself just be aware of this, and it may have been part of your journey in your shift of your consciousness, for a while to say, “Ah I am a star-seed, or I am a light-worker and therefore I am here to do this special thing”, and this may have led you into more information and your healing abilities and your telepathic abilities and your intuitive abilities, but from our perspective, you never needed to adopt these titles to have these things, because all of these things, healing and telepathy, and intuition and channeling, and on and on, all of these kinds of ways of connecting, it’s in your human design. It’s in the technology in your body.

So just notice this one for yourself and how you’re now, a lot of you, rejecting the need to use these words to make yourself feel better. “Oh, that was just self-esteem stuff!”

Yes, right, you can look at that and then notice who still is needing to adopt these kinds of ideas and just recognize that this is where they’re at in their own personal journey, their evolution, right? You don’t have to school them on this.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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