Saturn Retrograde and The Solstice Upgrades — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold
5 min readJun 17, 2022


Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the Jun 7, 2022 Transmission

We want to talk about Saturn with you all now. So Saturn has gone retrograde and will be in retrograde for a few months. So as Saturn is retrograde here, what’s going to come up for you all are issues around rules, traditions, and structure. It’s a fantastic opportunity when Saturn kind of checks himself, and will give Saturn that yang energy. You all tend to project a more yang kind of identity onto Saturn anyway. So when Saturn checks himself in this way it gives you this opportunity to start to ask yourself. “All right, what rules have I created for myself that are working, which ones are working, and which ones do I really need to make some adjustments to?”

So you can start to have some fun with this in your own personal reality. Perhaps they are rules about what you eat, or rules about how you dress, or rules about where you think you should be living, or how you think you be working. This all will run in tandem with the prosperity work that is available to you at this time as well. As you start to really look at these rules, the rules you’ve created for yourself, so we’re not talking about the collective rules, but these are also now up for review. So these things will happen in tandem, each of you individually looking at your own personal rules for yourself, for your life, for who you are here, and then the bigger rules of, you know, how to be an earthling at this time, how to operate, what you have to do, and what you don’t have to do based on legislation and common decency, and ethics, and these kinds of rules.

The other things that will come up are foundations and structures. So there’s going to be a lot of examination over the next few months around your foundational structures. Governmental is going to be huge, and it’s not a coincidence that the beginning of televised hearings about what happened in the United States are now going to start to play out during this Saturn return. It’s very much supported by the energy of the Saturn return, that this event is happening.

The rules are all up for review. So what can you do about this personally? Well, you can choose to become more flexible with yourself right now and let go of the rules that are not working, that really are not fruitful for you, and not bringing you fulfillment. You can also look at perhaps, well, what are some new rules, standards, pathways? You can use whatever word you want for yourself. What are some new things? Perhaps, new rituals that will allow you greater support, fulfillment, connection.

Then when it comes to the bigger picture, well there’s legislation, right? What do you want to help change in the bigger picture? We want to talk for a minute about your engagement with government, legislation, politics. You recognize and understand that as creator beings in your individual reality and individuated experience there are always physical actions you have to take to bring about that which you desire. So, if you want to be in a relationship, you can’t just sit on your couch and wait for the person to walk into your space. You’re going to actually have to take some actions to bring this about. Well, the same is true with your collective reality. This is becoming clearer and clearer to you all now, that you just cannot sit on the sidelines completely and wait magically for your reality to shift. This is not the way you work in the third dimension. There is a material reality you are playing in, and it is completely appropriate for you to get involved with these things that you feel passionate about. Now, we’re not saying you have to run out there and get involved in anything or everything, right? But we are saying if there is something that you are strongly desiring to see change happen in, some issue, taking personal physical action in that direction is magic. This is you operating as a magician within the collective.

So this is all going to come up for all of you during this Saturn retrograde. The other thing is, perhaps, “What kind of rules do I want to apply to myself as a healer, as a guide, as a “lightworker”, “starseed”, whatever word you want to apply to your identity and your personality. And maybe it’s time to ditch some of those rules that you thought you had to apply to keep yourself in a “ 5D space”, and instead look at what’s really working for you in your life, and look at what isn’t. Look at the rules that you’ve imposed on yourself that are not.

There’s one other thing now. So you’re in the process of clearing out. You are in a big clear-out phase between the intensity of the eclipse gateway that you just went through and the solstice that you have coming up. So as you’re clearing out and preparing for an upgraded version of yourself, this question came in, “What does that mean to be upgraded?”

From our perspective, an upgrade is primarily, initially, in your communication system, how you connect with information, whether it be with the people in your life, or with those you’re speaking with telepathically, not embodied, and then your telepathic communications with the people in your life or other timelines you’ve experienced.

You’re all going through an upgrade in this communication process right now, and what’s coming up for a lot of you as you’re preparing for this upgrade is you are dealing with a lot of outdated stuff right now. Outdated meaning, old hurts, old wounds, old traumas that are not actually happening in this moment in time, and yet you still have a resonance within you because you still have feelings about all of it, which is appropriate. It’s coming up for you all right now. This is manifesting for some of you as pain in your bodies, for others of you as fears around things that you thought you had resolved, like money, right? That’s coming up again for so many of you, like, “Oh, I’m here again, worrying about money. I thought I had cleared, whatever it was.”

Yes, you’re here again because you are in the process of upgrading. So to do that means a clearing out is necessary to facilitate the upgrades. Then some of you may have literal upgrade experiences going on with your communication devices. Have a look at that as well. What are you reflecting back to you with your phones or your computers or your cars or other forms of technology? If you’re dealing with something material, physical, that is truly outdated for you, you know you’ve gone way beyond the technology you’ve given yourself, It is alright for you to allow that physical upgrade. That’s a little bit of magic then where you say to yourself, “I’m going to play it out externally in this way, which reminds me to allow the upgrades to happen internally as well.”

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