Solstice Magic and Operate From Joy — The Pleiadians & Ursula The Faerie

Nora Herold, the Pleiadian Collective, and Ursula The Faerie
Excerpt from the Summer Solstice Magic Workshop & Transmission
June 17, 2021

There are a few other things that are really going to get your attention, that you are really going to find happening for yourselves here running up through this second period of time, which is the Solstice through the Lions Gate Portal energies into the beginning of September or so. So one is still this massive identity shift, individually each of you is finding yourselves in. The Solstice energy now is going to bring with it, along with the Lions Gate Portal energy, a more joyful exploration of the self. It is time. You are all feeling it. It is time for you all to give yourselves permission again to be more obviously joyful in your day-to-day existence, in your life. It is just time.

This last eclipse phase for you all was the beginning of the endpoint of the heaviness of the Covid timeline you have found yourself on. You are not leaving that timeline yet completely. You will still have moments of heaviness and loss and sadness. You are still experiencing it. Yet, you also are going to find now that you can give yourself permission to be more joyful, to have more fun, to play. Play as creatively as much as you possibly can right now. The more joyfully you express your creative energy, the easier it is going to be for you to discern what you enjoy and what you don’t.

If you’re telling yourself, “Well I think this is what really I’m supposed to be doing, or this is what I have always wanted to do, or this is what I think I am here to do, or this is the thing, maybe, I have already been doing.”, and you put your attention on it and you do it and you are not able to drum up that joy, then perhaps it is not the thing. Perhaps this is the moment for you to shed whatever version of yourself you think you are supposed to be. Shed it and embrace instead what does feel joyful to you, what is simple and effortless and fun.

The more you play in this way, and if there are things where you’re struggling with the joy, perhaps it is not necessary for you to shed it completely. Maybe you’re noticing, “Ah, there is something for me to heal here, or there is a dynamic I need to change within the way I have been doing this one thing, so I can be more joyful.”

You are kind of going to throw it all in a container, and shake it all up, and throw everything up on the wall that feels fun to you right now and joyful, or that feels like you should do, or you want to do, or you have been doing, or your work, or your job, or whatever, and, okay, “What can I really come at here in a joyful way?”

The Solstice energies right now are literally supporting “operating from joy”. The more you embrace that ideology, the “operate from joy” technology within your own body, the activation of the vibration of joy in your second chakras, and the use of that vibration of joy as the fuel for your creative and creationary endeavors, the more you align with this, the more smoothly this transition time will go for you.

This is still a period of transition. You are not yet in a period of time where you’re going to start really feeling like you have come into outcomes. The outcomes, the more solid timelines, and of course nothing lasts forever so we use the term outcome simply to mean the manifestation of where the energy has been running, and once you’re there you immediately start creating other outcomes. However, typically those outcomes are pretty clear when you come to them. “Ah, this is an outcome of all of the work or healing or love or joy that I have been expressing. Ah, here is my current outcome.” These things will be more accessible and available to you during that third window of time, coming into the equinox and then afterward into October when suddenly Pluto and Saturn and Jupiter and Mercury go direct. You will have one more mercury retrograde to contend with right at that period of time, (Mercury will be retrograde September 27 — October 17).

So take a breath here and really let yourself reflect on the moment you are moving into, which is this moment of outward exploration. Your work in the last period of time, the eclipse corridor, was very internal. It was very much a kind of soul-searching, emotional searching, and healing very quietly time. Frankly, a lot of you have been in that period for a long time now, in part due to Covid and needing to curtail your activities and be at home more.

So it has been a long period of time now, of this kind of inner life and inner world and it is not that that is going to stop, because you do have Neptune and Jupiter and Saturn and Pluto all retrograde. (Pluto retro: 4/27 — 10/6, Saturn retro: 5/23 — 10/10, Jupiter retro: 6/20 — 10/18, Neptune retro: 6/25 – 12/1).

So you have got all of that astrological influence still supporting and encouraging internal reevaluation. You get a lot of help with these planets being in retrograde right now because it slows you down just a bit and allows you, really encourages you, to examine, “Does this bring me joy? Am I able to express joy while engaged in this activity?”

So this is the question to come to again and again, and it will not just be around how you spend your time or how you express your creative energy. It is also going to be around your value systems and your ideas about being incarnate in general, your spiritual ideas, all of it. You are going to start asking yourself, “Does this pathway bring me joy, or is it something I am still clinging to because it worked for me or my sense of self, or my sense of this reality for a period of time, but perhaps it is no longer working for me right now?” And Jupiter and Neptune in retrograde are really going to help you with this, better identifying what really is working for you right now in your spiritual belief systems, and your emotional reality, and your understanding of reality in general.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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