The 2021 Spring Equinox Portal — The Pleiadians & Ursula

Nora Herold, the Pleiadian Collective, and Ursula
Excerpts from the Spring Equinox Workshop & Transmission
March 18, 2021

Part One The Pleiadians:

Let yourself really navigate your way through the next six months or so with a real intention towards healing first. Now that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun creating or that you shouldn’t have fun creating. We are not saying that at all. We are saying be balanced in your approach right now and allow for the time that is truly needed for your healing process here. Really give it the value that it deserves in your reality, healing, again for yourself personally and then in collective issues. Because as you do that, then when you come up around the time of the equinox gateway and portal in late September of 2021 and really find yourself in the post-pandemic timelines, well, who you are, and what you want, what you need, what is for your highest good, what truly serves you and the collective will be so clear to you, will be so obvious to you in a way that it just is not yet because there is too much cloudiness still in your own consciousnesses as a result of your need for healing.

Just take a breath here.

We’re going to talk about one more thing and then we are going to get to the spell, and this is what is happening in the bigger picture here, due to this gateway that opened there back on the equinox in September of 2019, that has facilitated the mass exodus from your world. So as these many beings leave and move on it creates an opening in the field of play and consciousness in the collective space on planet Earth, and this opening allows for an opportunity for accelerated advancements in your collective consciousness, both via the beings who are then coming in, who are being born, and these beings are human, animal and otherwise. So we’re not talking just about the humanoids here because many animals have left over the last year and a half as well. And when we talk about the grief and the losses you have got to include these beings as well. They are just as important in your reality as the humanoids. The humanoids are not more important than the beings aligned with animal form that are on your world, and this is something that you’re also going to find shifting as you move through this healing time, a recognition and an honoring and a respect more and more for all life and all lifeforms and the stopping of the prioritization of the humanoid life form over everyone and everything else.

So when a vast number of beings leave in a concentrated amount of time this opens up the opportunity for many more beings to come in very quickly, carrying with them higher and more evolved blueprints for incarnations, blueprints that don’t contain implants around suffering and don’t contain the distortions of fear manifesting in all the forms of hatred and paranoia you have seen on your world, that have really been highlighted over the last few years, that were just highlighted again very recently just a day or two ago here on your world in the events that transpired. So as these new beings come in with this higher data, of course, they share it with all of you telepathically, energetically, and the telepathic transmissions that you have with other beings on your world are very different from the telepathic transmissions that you have with those of us who are not physically embodied.

The telepathic transmissions that you share with other physically embodied beings on your world land in your physical experience in a way that is more dramatic than your experience with us. The information has more density to it and takes shape and form in your reality more quickly. You can easily see how this is true on your world and true in your own life and in your relationships in that when you start to connect with another human or an animal on your world and start to share space with them and are not just having verbal conversations with them but of course are always in telepathic connection and communication with them as well, you start to very quickly shift and alter and evolve to create a commonality between the two of you.

So this evolution you are going to see start happening in bigger ways on your world over the next few years. You are not going to see it immediately. It is going to take some time, but you’re going to start to see it really, we would say, we are looking at five years out right now. So five years from now as you look back you will say, “Look at how this higher energy now is taking shape and form on our world in an accelerated fashion.”

Now as we give you all of this information about some of these events playing out as a result of what you have experienced, we want to be really clear here that we are just sharing with you what it is we see playing out. We are not saying that you had to go through such dramatic loss and suffering to evolve. We’re not saying that. We are saying that you will evolve, that you are evolving, but you did not need the suffering. We want to keep reminding all of you this, because this is a program that you just recently deactivated in your blueprints that is still running in all of your systems, and you are all still at times wanting to find the piece of gold, or mine the gold within the suffering. Instead, we want you to start saying to yourselves truly, “We do not need suffering, I do not need to suffer to grow. Suffering is suffering.”

Part Two Ursula:

This is Ursula. Happy equinox to all of you beautiful, beautiful faerie folk incarnate via humanoid form.

So it is important that you give yourself permission to recognize your own faerieness in whatever way it expresses itself, whether you be faerie or elf or gnome or dragon or unicorn or one of the many other beings that are all umbrellaed in the faerie realm. It is important that you both feel your own expression of your faerie energy and then also engage more and more directly with us.

The equinox energy is a perfect time to facilitate and establish an even deeper and more direct contact and connection with us along with all of the other beings that you connect with, as was stated earlier by The Pleiadians. However, we are putting your attention on us right now and our energy and vibration and then how we interface with you, both in your home spaces and then also outdoors in nature, in your yards, in your gardens. And then as you move about the world, how we interface with you as you run an errand, how we interface with you as you sit and have a warm beverage, how we interface with you and where we are all over your world.

Look for us, and you will see us in two ways, one, via the humanoid bodies all around you. Look for the faeries in everyone around you, the faerie aspect, the faerie consciousness of all of the humans you engage with and the other animals you engage with as well, your pets, the wildlife around you, the birds, etc. Really expand out and invite in, and you will start to recognize those humans that are much more comfortable with their faerieness and those who are not, those who are either not aware or afraid of, or are repressing, or denying their own faerie energy. And just have an observation about that. Let yourself observe. Let yourself recognize that those who hold some fear of their own faerie energy are probably more likely to also be running distortions of fear that manifest as hate. So that is something else to just notice here on your world at this time.

And then also notice how we manifest and appear around you energetically, in our full fifth or sixth dimensional forms. Notice the flashes of light. Notice the appearance of energetic transmissions. Notice a portal open and a full faerie step into your presence. Notice the sounds in nature around you that seem to not be coming from any humans or plants or animals. Notice. Just notice. Expand your awareness in this way when it comes to our presence in your lives.

The return of the faeries is accelerating and advancing now, along with all of the other accelerations and advancements on your world. We began to make our presence known more and more strongly to you all right as that gateway started to open in the September equinox of 2019, and it is all connected, our presence coming forward more strongly, the new blueprints coming in, the energy you are all sharing, and the mass number of beings leaving. This is all interconnected. There are ancestral pieces at play that are up for healing right now, for all of us.

Those of you in third dimensional form, those of us holding our fifth/sixth dimensional forms, we are putting some things energetically in place. So that is happening, as are also some galactic pieces, histories relating to the destruction of the first earth and the faeries on that world on the civilization of Lemuria, the first Lemuria, and then, of course, the Lemurian and Atlantean civilizations on this world and the destructions of those worlds and those timelines, along with the persecution of the faerie energy that occurred sometime after the fall of Atlantis as Christianity was taking hold on this planet as one of the main templates for religion and connection and contact with the god energy and all forms of angelics and deities. As that change happened there were events that played out. A lot of this right now is up for healing and is coming through this equinox portal and gateway, and some of the grief you may experience in your energetic field is related to these other realities and timelines, some of which you may remember, some of which you won’t. You do not have to have the mental, intellectual memory and understanding of these timelines to process your healing effectively. You can effectively heal without having the full memory, especially when it comes to other lifetimes. You can just really feel emotionally and energetically what needs to be felt, physically as well, and run your healing processes.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here




Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can.

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Nora Herold

Nora Herold

Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can.

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