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Nora Herold
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Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective — Excerpt from the 2019 Spring Equinox Event in Ojai, CA — March 16, 2019

Manifestation ~

As third dimensional beings, you used emotions as your primary fuel for the creation of your realities and you operated as attractors. So the shittier you felt, the shittier things looked; the happier you felt, the happier things looked. That’s just the way it worked.

You were these amazing attractors and reflectors in the third dimension. And we would often witness you struggling in your manifestation processes. Especially as you started to understand “Law of Attraction” because you would try to use your mental bodies and use affirmations to create from, and your mental body is not nearly as powerful in the third dimension as your emotional body.

So your mental body would say, “I’m peaceful,” “I’m happy,” “I’m joyful,” and your emotional body was going, “Ugghh! Damn this horrible thing!” And that would completely water down all this lovely affirmational work you were doing and the world would be kind of like, “Eh.” Not terrible but just kind of “eh” because you were TRYING. And that’s why the transmutation of trauma work is so essential. You just feel it all, you bring it on and you say: “Alright, I’m still operating in third dimensional density,” meaning, “I can’t just create yet using fifth dimensional technology.” You can’t. You’re creating using a combination of third AND fifth dimensional technology.

In the third dimension you use your emotions as the fuel for your creations and then your mental body organizes it for you; puts it together for you.

In the fifth dimension you use frequency/vibration, to create instantaneously as full-on fifth dimensional beings. There is no law of attraction; there is no law of reflection. In 5-D there is, “I activate this vibration and frequency and create something out of nothing.” Or the appearance of nothing. That’s how you work in the fifth dimension.

In the third dimension you cannot create something out of nothing. In 3-D you take physical density and you transform it into other forms of physical density or you take your ideas and you make them physical, but it’s not new — it’s a repackaging and recycling of energy. The only true newness that manifests in third dimensional density is physical life. That’s new energy coming in. It’s why, in part, you have had a population explosion on your world. It is to support the energy needed to shift your consciousness.

That’s just a different perspective on the population explosion. Plus, it’s the hottest ticket in the universe. Everyone wants to be on Earth right now to do this.

So in third dimensional density you can’t just summon a frequency and align with the frequency of a butterfly, let’s say, and physically out of nothing have a butterfly appear. You can’t do that in 3-D. What you CAN do in 3-D is align with the JOY and BEAUTY that you feel emotionally when you connect with the butterfly and then, using law of attraction, a butterfly might flutter towards you, a butterfly that already existed.

So you’ve got THAT operating system, the emotional density of the third dimension. However, what has changed for a lot of you is you have begun to take yourselves off of the emotional roller coaster, the out-of-control emotional experience you used to experience here on planet Earth that was primarily responsible for your lives and your creations. You’ve taken yourself off of that and you’ve put yourself more in this neutral space, this neutral state, which allows you to start accessing vibratory rates and frequency states within your body that you can use as the foundation for your manifestation process.

Third Dimensional Emotions — Typically you feel emotions in this big, broad, heavy way. Even the brighter emotions — your happiness, your joy, your excitement — they have a very visceral quality to them.

Frequency and Vibration — We interchange those terms. They mean the same right now for the purposes of what we are talking about.

Frequency and vibration are VERY LIGHT. But do not mistake the lack of sensation as a lessening of the sensation. Frequency and vibration are like a hummingbird’s wings compared to a footstep a human might take. That’s emotion, right? So a human might take one step and in that instant, an emotion. When you contrast that with how many times a hummingbird’s wings will flutter while a human takes one step you can barely measure it. That’s the height and energy of frequency and vibration and the speed at which you bring things about as you start to align with frequency and vibration.

We have given 8 main vibrations and frequencies, one associated with each chakra and two with the crown, and we want to give them to you today to help you all in your process that will allow you to play as more effective creators, and we want you to notice the accelerated nature of manifestation at this time.

1st Chakra (Base of spine) — Excitement
2nd Chakra (Sacral/below naval) — Joy
3rd Chakra (Solar Plexus) — Confidence
4th Chakra (Heart) — Compassion
5th Chakra (Throat) — Freedom
6th Chakra (3rd Eye/center of forehead) — Power
7th Chakra (Crown of head) — Connection & Expansion

These are just the 8 main ones to use as a template to play off. However, there are many frequencies and vibrations you can play with.

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