Weaving a New Tapestry — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the April 6, 2021 Transmission

You’re going to find more and more moving forward that when your intention is to be of service and honor the highest experience for the collective, and we mean that both from an energetic standpoint and from a very real physical standpoint as well. Because you can not have a high vibrational energetic experience and yet completely or even at all dismiss the physical and be effective. You have to work within the physical because you are embodied here in the third dimension. It is your intention to bring your higher perspective or fifth dimensional perspective. So we don’t mean better when we say higher. It is just a bit different to bring that perspective to your third dimensional containers.

The underlying truth in the fifth dimensional perspective is that we are all one. We are all connected. So as you integrate that truth in a deeper way into the energetic structure of your human form it triggers in you all a desire to begin physically operating more and more towards the health of the collective. It causes you to want to speak more clearly about this and connect with others in this space, and then also recognize those who are still in denial about this, who believe that the journey is about ascending to some higher dimension outside of the physical experience. That is not what you are doing here, from our perspective. That is not the story we tell. You are integrating your fifth dimensional consciousness into the containers of your third dimensional experiences across the board, physical, animal, plant, mineral. This is happening energetically via the totality of the consciousness that exists and interacts with the planet, and then it is also happening for the planet itself. You are doing this in tandem, and as you do this, as you integrate this awareness, this consciousness that allows you to claim greater connection, it also asks you to claim and hold a greater sense of responsibility.

This allows you to shift from the inside out in your bodies, allows your structures to shift from the inside out, allows everything to shift from the inside out, that then gives you the experience of oneness, here on planet Earth, where are you all honor all forms of consciousness as equal. This is the journey that you are taking. So the more physical actions you match with this energetic shift, the more your personal reality is going to flow, the less resistance you will feel, the less conflict you will experience even when you encounter somebody who is sitting in a different kind of ideology. Because what you will see is, “Ah, we are all one, we are all connected, and that being is afraid to connect in a true heart-centered embodied way, a way that allows them to discard and eliminate all programs around separation, superiority, inferiority and just leaves them here in the moment available, vulnerable and empowered in their vulnerability.”

So this syncing up is happening right now, this shift. Partly it is happening because you are in this glitchy stage right now when it comes to your lives. You are not where you were 2–3 months ago in the intensity of the peak, that third peak of the pandemic. You are not where you were six months ago when you were getting used to it. You are not where you were a year ago as you were truly feeling the disorientation from the very rapid, accelerated, and radical shift to your day-to-day lives and reality. You are now through all of that, although you have not yet fully processed and healed from all of that, but you are through all of those moments.

Now you’re in this kind of glitchy phase, where you’re starting to put your foot back out there a bit gently, and we encourage gentle, deliberate, slow action right now, as much as you can. Do not be in a hurry to get it done, to get out there. And do not at all be in a hurry to get back to where you were because you’re not going back.

So some of what occurred over the last few weeks was you collectively reminded yourselves of what one of those “normals” is in that timeline you were existing on prior to the beginning of the pandemic. That timeline included a particular kind of violence in the form of mass shootings, especially in the United States. So as collectively you started to engage with this idea of what your new normal was going to look like, so many were trying to upload that old normal, what you remembered, some of these events started to play out, shootings, and some of the other things that you were so used to, unfortunately, on your world.

They had become part of the tapestry of your existence, and as they began to play out over the last couple of weeks, collectively, you slammed on the brakes, and said: “No! Hold it, nope.”

There is going to be this experience for a while now where you will see strides moving forward that honor the collective, and then you will see events that are reflections of what your experience was like prior to the beginning of the pandemic, some of those events reflecting hate and fear and violence and shame and illness. Some of those events will reflect back joy and celebration and community and connection. You are going to use this period of time moving forward until you really start to hit the post-pandemic timelines right around the equinox in September. You’re going to use this period of time to help yourselves individually and then collectively define the reality you want to exist in, moving forward, for the next phase.

Even as you hit the post-pandemic timelines, you are also going to find yourselves confronted once again by other issues, social justice issues, issues around racism and antisemitism and homophobia and transphobia. These distortions of fear manifesting as hate are going to start to play out in some bigger ways, and there will be moments for you all to really express even a higher truth within yourselves about your need on planet Earth to come together as one and to honor the truth that you are all love incarnate, that all of consciousness is serving a purpose, and that the distortions of fear manifesting as hate are things you came here, you incarnated here to heal and remove like threads you are pulling out. You are pulling these threads out of the bigger tapestry of this reality as you create your new reality.

So you’re not starting from scratch here. You are taking what was. We will use that metaphor of the tapestry because it gives you a very literal physical image you can focus on. We encourage you to run with this in your own manifestation processes moving forward, your own meditations, that you perceive reality as a tapestry woven together of all energies and intentions and fears and love and all of it. Your part of it here is to identify what is what and start to pull some of those threads out that are vibrating in a fearful dynamic. And when we talk about fear, we are talking about distortions of fear, not that fear that serves you in your body, that says, “Uh oh, I better check in with my safety here.”

That fear serves a real purpose. You don’t want to eliminate that program from your tapestry. You want to use it effectively in your bodies and on your worlds so you can recognize more readily and quickly when there is the potential for danger for you personally or for someone you love, actualize and activate from within, and take yourself to a safe space. Telepathically, as your telepathy increases, and this is part of what is happening in this re-imagined tapestry of your experience of life, as your telepathy increases you’re going to start recognizing potential moments of trouble or conflict or even danger before they even begin to physically manifest in your reality. You will catch it like a psychic experience, and that will allow you to make choices and shift and adjust in this now moment so you can completely avoid or bypass that particular timeline and put yourself on a timeline or an experience where that event doesn’t even play out.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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Nora Herold

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