Winter Solstice 2020 — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective — Excerpt from the Winter Solstice 2020 Transmission — December 17, 2020

The solstice is a beginning and it also is an ending. So this references just a bit of what Jonathan was asking about when he was talking about the end of 2020. Yes, it is natural in your cyclical energy to experience a solstice both as an ending and a beginning.

Take a breath.

It is a new cycle. But that doesn’t mean like a light switch being flipped, you go to a completely different place because of course, you’re going to bring with you into the beginning all that you were holding at the ending.

Take a breath here.

But the beginning allows you a reset, a new perspective, different opportunities, different ways of navigating. It’s an evolutionary experience. And this is the way it always has been for you all, this evolution of endings and beginnings happening in the same moment, the illusion of the ending, the illusion of the beginning, and yet the realness of the ending, and the realness of the beginning, and you get to experience it from both perspectives.

As third dimensional beings, 2020 is ending and 2021 is beginning. As third dimensional beings as you pass through this solstice gateway, one version of reality is ending and another is beginning. That is your third dimensional perspective. As fifth dimensional beings you understand in an even more integrated way that all is happening right now, that the ideas around endings and beginnings are just illusions. However, you have a practical application of that in the third dimension, and you can’t deny or ignore that.

So this is similar to operating as the individual within the collective. Operating as a third dimensional being while at the same time accessing your fifth dimensional consciousness. It is a good way for you to really play with these ideas in your own awareness because in 3-D reality you get to be an individual. You get to be separate, apart, gendered in a particular way, with a sexual orientation, with a particular skin color, and features, and hair color, and body shape, and height. You’re all very individualized and separate from a third dimensional perspective.

Your fifth dimensional consciousness understands that we are all One, that energetically we are all bleeding into one another, creating a collective experience that knows no bounds or separation. It may know vibratory differences and nuances. It’s very subtle, in a way that the third dimension is very stark and very specific, in the way that you play this out.

So what we have been seeing happening on your world, and we are going to talk about a big change now that is underway, that just happens to coincide with your solstice, with the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2021, and these are some celestial and astrological events that are playing out right now that are really going to facilitate a big shift for you all. And that shift is the old way of operating — going from putting the individual and the needs of the individual primary, and above, and in front of the collective needs - to putting the collective needs on par with the needs of the individual, recognizing that as an individual you are also the collective and that as the collective you’re each operating individually, but your individual operating system is constantly interacting with all of those around you, and you’re constantly receiving support and disseminating support, transmitting support to all around you. So as you open and give, you are receiving. There is never the ability to run out. There is never the idea that “If I hand off to the benefit of the collective I will somehow suffer as an individual”.

This is the shift that is being highlighted for you all right now, and it is being facilitated by the movement of Saturn into the sign of Aquarius. So Saturn, just last night, transited from Capricorn, which is very focused on the material, the material reality, the needs of the individual, your own individual journey, Saturn has now moved into Aquarius, the sign of, “Let’s focus on the collective, what will benefit humanity at large?”

Saturn is the planet of transformation. It brings with it opportunities for entirely new structures and realities. This is the change moment more than the fact that you are entering a new year. So this is really again what Jonathan was referencing and asking about when he was asking about that 2020 has been very hard and is 2021 going to be lighter. Is it going to be easier? Is it going to be smoother and not as fraught with challenges? So we won’t say that it is not going to bring with it its challenges, 2021. It certainly will, but the challenges now will more clearly demonstrate for you all the need to come together as One and operate for the good of the collective, operate from your desire to be of service to the collective, while remembering you are part of the collective, and that if you are facilitating the needs of the collective, you are facilitating and benefiting yourself.

Take a breath.

This is a program you are in the process of altering within yourselves because up until this timeline you primarily had incarnations where it was one or the other. Either you were pursuing your individual needs and desires very consciously or you were operating as a being of service, handing off all of your own personal needs, wants, and desires to vows or structures or experiences that disallowed you from having personal prosperity, personal relationships, personal joys. So you were either a service worker, a service being, giving up your personal experience, or you were an individual striking out, making your way in the world trying to grab as much as you could for yourself. And what is changing on planet Earth now is the general awareness that you all must tend to one another. And when we say, one another, we mean one another as humans, one another as human to other species, one another as humans to plant life, one another as humans to the world at large, and of course conversely as humanity focuses its desire on benefiting the collective, and perceives the collective in this expanded way then beings in animal form become more energetically in service to those in humanoid form. Plant life is able to exist more in service to beings in humanoid form as beings in humanoid form exist in service to plant life, exist in service to animal life, and on and on.

Take a breath here.

Some of you are really breaking down some walls you had in place that differentiated you from the other forms of consciousness taking shape on your world via animal life, plant life, etc. So let yourself really breathe into the shift that is occurring right now within yourself……….as you remember you are not just all of the other humans on this world. You are also the plants, and the animals, the oceans, the forest, the sky, the desert. You are also the moon, the sun, the stars, the planets.

Just take a breath here and let yourself feel infinitely supported and loved and nurtured as you expand your awareness in this way, becoming one with all that exists.

Just inhale and exhale gently here.

This is really the benefit of this solstice gateway, a visceral integration and understanding of oneness. And inhale directly into your heart chakra here, and exhale all throughout your body as you continue to open your heart more to receive all of the energetic support available to you via this gateway, via this understanding, as you hold your awareness that you are One with all, here in service to the collective, benefiting from that service.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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