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Nora Herold
5 min readMay 2, 2020


Nora Herold and The Pleiadians — Transcribed Excerpt from “WTF????!!!!” on April 23, 2020

Part One: WTF? — It is truly a moment for you all in so many ways.

This question is coming up for all of you — for individual reasons, collective reasons — and even as you ask the question, “WFT is going on?”, you begin to answer it yourself because you have already accessed your higher self from within, so you have a lot of the information already downloaded into your 3rd dimensional operating system. And as soon as you ask the question you open the door to the answers.

This is the beauty of questioning. And if you’re going to question right now, let your questions be big and bold, and powerful. The bigger your questions, the bigger the pieces of information you’re going to access, the bigger answers you’re going to get, the bigger and bolder, and more beautiful your journey will become.

We’ve been hearing so many of your questions and we’d like to give as much information as we can about this particular ‘WTF’ moment on your world, so we’re going to go in a number of different directions right now as we answer this question and these questions, and then we will take more individuated questions.

So first, you are in an accelerated moment of change, clearly. This was expected. You knew prior to incarnation — “This life is not going to be like any other life I have led before. I am going to live an approximation of a “normal” 3rd dimensional life for a period of time, and then at the end of 2012 our enslavement contracts will expire, we will launch ourselves into a higher vibratory rate, we will begin to consciously integrate our 5th dimensional consciousness, or higher selves, change ourselves from the inside out, mentally, emotionally, energetically, and physically on a cellular level as well, and our full attention will go there. That will become then the primary reason we discover why we are on Earth at this time.”

The primary reasons used to be love, career, relationships, adventures, experiences — all across the emotional spectrum from what appear to be the most challenging, to what appear to be the most joyful. That was the ride on planet Earth for eons and those were the primary reasons for being on planet Earth for eons.

The primary reasons for being here now are integration and re-ascension. At the end of 2019, on that winter solstice, as you moved through that gateway and jumped timelines to the highest you’ve ever existed on and began to play in a realm of the 4th dimension that you’ve not been able to access before, that opened the door for mass shifting — mass acceleration.

So what you have happening on your world right now is a mass event — you’re all in it together. You’re all experiencing it as one, collective humanity, yes, though each of you individually is having very different experiences across the board. So, it’s not that your individual experience of this mass event is the same as any other beings on your world — they are very different. Some are having very much an experience of struggle and hardship and loss, some are having a very different experience, but the overall experience is the same.

The story is that there is information that has come onto your world in the form of this virus, and the virus can operate at times as extremely violent depending on who it is the virus is operating with and that particular person’s past, karmically, energetically, and whether or not they are coming up on an exit point in this lifetime.

There are many things that could have played out during this period of time. The virus was just one pathway for the acceleration of your shift here on planet Earth. There was another strong probability that a warlike scenario could have broken out on your world that would have pitted humans against other humans causing bigger rifts and fragmentations of humanity, and the overall psyche of humanity, ultimately leading to the same end where this virus will take you, which is a coming to more unification and a reunification of humanity on planet Earth.

It could have gone that way. That warlike scenario would have been more destructive, more damaging in the short term with the same ultimate outcome. You didn’t need to take that path, you took this one instead, and the path that you are on right now, in this moment, is not as destructive as it could have been. Now, you still collectively are determining where this path, and how this path, is going to play out.

Part Two: Go Within — What does that really mean?

To go within really means you choose to claim your sovereign identity in the moment. Turn your attention fully to yourself as a sovereign creator-being and give yourself permission to feel, look at, experience anything, and everything you are holding within your own body whether it be emotionally, mentally, physically, energetically. This is the most powerful work you can do right now, to go within first, again, and again and again.

When you find yourself looking for perpetrators, looking for abusers, looking for the cause, looking for the source — trying to answer the “WTF?” to this moment by going outside of yourself, take a breath, put your energy and attention back on yourself and your body, and go within. This is your point of power as Love Incarnate, your inner work and your willingness to claim your shadow, your hurts, your un-transmuted trauma, your rage, your darkness, your suffering, your fear. Take a breath — hold yourself in the feeling state, love yourself in the feeling state — shift your vibration and frequency from within which then allows you to begin to take divine right action within the context of your very personal reality as creator-beings, as magicians, as spell-casters.

This is you, fully empowered — affecting change then, not just in your own personal reality, but affecting change then, within the collective consciousness. Because as you do this inner work, as you go within, allow, and shift, and transmute, and then take divine right action within the small sphere of your physical space — as you do all this you download the data — the experience, the healing, the light — into collective consciousness.

And as that information is uploaded into the collective it is there for any human to download, no matter what their 3rd dimensional consciousness thinks it knows, which means then you are acting as sovereign creator-being, magician, spell-caster, for the totality of the human collective, for the totality for the collective of consciousness however it chooses to express itself on planet Earth. This is what you came in to do!

You came in to live the approximation of a 3rd dimensional life, go through the change at the end of 2012, begin to activate as sovereign, as creator-beings, and then bring in bigger experiences to accelerate your individual shift.

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