You and Neptune — The Pleiadians

Nora Herold and the Pleiadian Collective
Excerpt from the July 5, 2022 Transmission

There’s one other thing we wanted to touch on tonight and this is about Neptune. Neptune went retrograde about a week ago and will be retrograde oh, for a number of months now, almost through the end of the year. It’s going to go direct sometime in December. So when Neptune is retrograde, Neptune really governs your intuition, your dream state, your psychic abilities, your healer abilities, and when Neptune is retrograde it really even supports you more in becoming comfortable and familiar with your own abilities, your intuitive, psychic, healing, dream-weaving dream-making abilities. So this is a fantastic period of time for you to put your conscious attention on the development of your intuitive abilities and the use of these abilities in very practical ways in your day-to-day lives. You may want to keep a journal or notebook and kind of record what’s working for you along with what isn’t working. You’re not going to always get it right, of course.

So notice, “I was telling myself this……….. but I wanted to hear this………. so I didn’t really listen to what I was telling myself because my attachment caused me to go in this direction. Ah! I see how attachments work more clearly for me.”

Just really kind of have fun with this. If you’re drawn to working with tarot or some other kind of guidance tool or divination tool now is a fantastic time to pull those tools out or start using these tools and have some fun. Really take advantage of Neptune’s slow down here, because this is the retrograde energy, there’s a slow down, which really facilitates your own personal work, growth, and evolution.

Full audio recording of this transmission available here



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Nora Herold

Pleiadian channel, reiki master, incarnate guide, faerie, feminist, progressive, dog and cat mom, finding the funny in as much as I can.